Any team can be acquihired

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Mike Anderson
@mikeyanderson · Managing Director, Belief Agency
Here are some examples of this type of hiring happening manually (from: http://blog.goelevator.com/devel... Shane Becker, for instance, put his product dream team of 5 on the market. They all made the switch to a new company in roughly one month. (http://veganstraightedge.com/art...) Ryan Davis did the same with his team. (http://blog.zenspider.com/blog/2.… See more


Dan Rosenshain
@danr_4 · I try to be honest
A similar idea has crossed my mind - albeit not for employment - but for freelancing. I think freelancing is more suitable when grouping as a team, mainly for contractual reason. the 2 big isssues for me are: 1. For the hiring company - contracts are still individual - or are they paying the whole team and the team decides how to split it? is there even such… See more
Greg Isenberg
@gregisenberg · CEO, Islands
Love this.
Matt Tsymbal
@m3tthew · Founder/ CEO at Black shift labs
I love the video, did you done it by yourself?
Philip Fung
Love the idea. Also, @ravigrover is pretty awesome.
Tim Annan
@beanstalkomagic · Product, Slice
I think this is a really great idea. Looking forward to watching @ravigrover and team do amazing things with it!