Any team can be acquihired

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A similar idea has crossed my mind - albeit not for employment - but for freelancing. I think freelancing is more suitable when grouping as a team, mainly for contractual reason. the 2 big isssues for me are: 1. For the hiring company - contracts are still individual - or are they paying the whole team and the team decides how to split it? is there even such a thing an employment contract for a team? surely each person needs his own contract. 2. What happens when you hire a team and one of the team members wants to quit? is it all or nothing re. team members? I think there's a big potential in the 'Team workers' area, but it is uncharted territories.
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@danr_4 great questions. We agree that the contracting side is interesting, in the future we may explore it. Contracts are all one by one. This actually happens fairly often, manually—I wrote a detailed blog post about how it works with some examples here: http://blog.goelevator.com/devel...
I love the video, did you done it by yourself?
@m3tthew It's from beliefagency.com that's the company that I co-founded before Elevator :) I'm sure they'd love to talk.
@mikeyanderson absolutely love their showreel. insane
@m3tthew Cool—they're awesome if you ever want to reach out.
@mikeyanderson i'm also work with video and motion design, but they are better than me :)
@mikeyanderson @m3tthew the video animation is absolutely stunning! great product; awesome concept and a superb delivery. 💁
Love the idea. Also, @ravigrover is pretty awesome.
@philfung is also awesome :) thanks man.
I think this is a really great idea. Looking forward to watching @ravigrover and team do amazing things with it!
@beanstalkomagic Thanks! I like Slice too!