Eletype for Slack

Digital marketing monitoring for teams

Eletype is an intelligent marketing assistant. We use messaging platforms like Slack to eliminate friction between analysis and action. Connect your Search, Social, Email and Landing Pages today! #CoverYourAds
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Hey Product Hunters! We built Eletype because we were sick of missing things that were buried in marketing reports. We thought marketers needed an operational solution that would bring issues to the team, rather than hoping the team logged in to look at a dashboard. Our product will identify anomalies and deviations in key marketing metrics. Like credit monitoring, but for marketing data. Use promo code PH2019 in your Company Profile after you install the Slack app for 5 free connections. Key product details: - Eletype is 100% Slack-based. Account creation and setup happens directly in Slack. - We currently support Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Mailchimp, CallRail and Landing Page Monitoring. (HubSpot is coming in July and Amazon in September) - We support a range of Slack slash commands. Use "/eletype help" for details. - Full Help & FAQ can be found at help.eletype.com - We do offer custom rules and custom monitors. Please contact us for details. - Curious about MS Teams? Please leave a comment if your company is on MS Teams. Pro tip: Pre-create a Slack channel for monitoring. Example: #facebook-monitor or #client-X-monitor. Then add your Eletype connection there. We just announced the new Atlanta Slack Platform Community: https://www.eletype.com/slack-co...
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Finally someone understands that marketing professionals DON'T NEED ANOTHER DASHBOARD! Just tell me when I have a problem and help me fix it. Way to go Eletype team - looking forward to seeing this product evolve.
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@darren_hearsch - How much can I like this?? Seriously. "DON'T NEED ANOTHER DASHBOARD! "
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Awesome integration 🙌
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There are products that are nice to have and there are no brainers that create so much ROI it’s ridiculous we ever did it differently. The scale, complexity, and speed of digital marketing means that human beings simply cannot avoid mistakes, they simply cannot identify issues and opportunities quickly enough, and they cannot collaborate and communicate seamlessly across their interwoven and often complex schema of departments and agency relationships. But computers can. Having been in this industry for 14 years now, I still see the world’s largest and most sophisticated digital marketing agencies and professionals using spreadsheets and scrap paper to make sure they are pacing budget properly, make sure the data between two platforms is staying roughly in sync, and manually clicking around their own web sites and ads, emails, call tracking, and more to make sure things are working. In the words of the great Susan powder, “Stop the insanity.” Having founded what today is Adobe Launch, a technology that lifted us out of the Stone Age of data collection and tagging, it’s so obvious that eletype is on the same trajectory to becoming one of the most used and totally essential pieces of digital marketing technology there is.
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I helped out as a Beta tester and watched this product grow. It's really a game changer for Digital Agencies and teams. It solves a specific issue we all have and can never seem to get "fixed" with dashboards. All the best agencies use Slack for communication and now we have actionable insights into what went wrong and can fix it immediately.


Keeps track of our Marketing campaigns and alerts us when there are broken campaigns, landing pages or underperforming ads.


None. Really solid. At some point I am sure they'll add more platforms

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