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Hey guys, one of the co-founders of @luna_sleep here. We have spent the last year working on a smart mattress cover and we are finally getting it out there. I’m excited to get PH’ers feedback and I’m here to answer any questions you have. PS: if you pre-order through the PH link you can get up to 35% off (depending on the size)
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@maghis Hey there! I'm unable to play the video on the landing page, nor find it on the web. How could I see it?
@lachlanjc we just pushed a new version and we are waiting for the CDN to propagate the changes, in the meanwhile here's a direct link to youtube
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@maghis Awesome product! Any plans to make a version with natural/organic bedding material like wool or cotton? If not, is it possible to transfer the hardware to another mattress cover?
This is absolutely, hands down, the thing I have been waiting for most. I have tried so many sleep trackers: Apps that sit on your bed, watches, etc. I can't wait. The only question is... How does it work with nest when there are more than 1 Luna beds in the house?
@marketergraham agree, couldn't get myself to use any of these apps. Phone on mattress, wrist stuff, etc. This doesn't get in the way nor does it require you to pick up a new habit. It provides value without me having to do anything. I like it. Well done @maghis and team!
Sounds like a really cool idea. What are your thoughts on durability? Have you been able to test that performance is not affected after N washes, for example? Definitely interested in learning more!
@massiarri the product is designed to last at least 3 years. We are currently testing for 300 wash cycles. Feel free to ask more! :)
Everything is back up and the video is displaying fine on the website, I apologize for the issue.
Congrats, guys! Great to see the launch!