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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 04, 2019
Teach effectively.
Help your students learn faster and more.
Scale your courses to thousands of students through modern tools leveraging the full brain power of the class.
Built with ❤️ by a team of EdTech experts (Peergrade, S17 YC).
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Hey Product Hunt Eduflow co-founder here. Around 4 years ago we launched Peergrade, a product for facilitating peer-to-peer feedback. With Peergrade we got hundreds of thousands of users, got accepted into Y Combinator and learned a huge amount about how amazing instructors really want to teach online. Over the years we tracked all feedback we got from users (more than 15,000 categorized notes so far!), and we kept seeing the same patterns. Great instructors want to engage their students online with more than just videos and quizzes. They care about collaboration, about reflection and about getting their students to participate actively. Based on all this we started working on Eduflow, and now we are finally ready to show it to the world. With Eduflow, you can create your own online course by combining different learning activities such as content, submissions, peer review and feedback reflections. The product is used by school teachers, university professors, startups and corporates. Educators on our platform teach everything from US History to Quantum Mechanics, while businesses build courses to onboard new employees and keep an up-to-date workforce. Looking forward to getting your feedback and seeing what you teach with Eduflow! David Co-founder of Eduflow
This looks really really good. Congrats on the launch, looking forward to follow the progress!
@oslokommuneper Thanks Per! Super excited to have you upvote it - we love Scrimba in the Eduflow team 😍.
Great product! I’ve been using Eduflow for a couple weeks now, currently running an online course. I love the beautiful interface, ease of use, flexibility and the insights it provides into how learners are progressing through the course.
@bomajosiah Thanks Boma! Super happy to get that kind of feedback 😍. We will keep working on things that will make the experience even better.
I really like the fact the even though the website is all hosted in English, it is so customizable that I can easily use with my non-english-speaking-students in Brazil. Nice job guys! Keep up the great work!
@jessicafranca Thanks Jéssica! Hopefully we can make it even more international in the future :).
@jessicafranca Olá Jéssica, sou brasileiro também e estive com a Peergrade/Eduflow quando eles estavam na Y Combinator. Legal saber que a ferramenta deles está sendo usada aqui no Brasil também.
Congratulations! Its been great working with you on the product design and I'm so excited to see it launching!! Amazing potential.
@caroline_meeks Thanks Caroline! Looking forward to the continued collaboration with you and your team 🙌