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Hey Product Hunt, We’re big fans of Amazon Alexa at Roger HQ. Today seems to be the perfect time to share a little something we hacked on the side. You can now add Alexa as a contact on Roger and get access to its powerful capabilities right from within Roger. If you want to order the Echo Dot (or really anything else), simply talk to Alexa on Roger. :) Here’s how to go about it: 1. Visit http://rgr.im/alexa 2. Link your Amazon account 3. Download Roger 4. Start talking to Alexa 5. Download the Alexa (Amazon Echo) to manage your settings. Let us know what you think! Cheers! http://rogertalk.com/miles
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@milesfitzgerald oh, this is pretty rad. This could also be used to troll your family/roomates, sending commands to Alexa/Echo Dot remotely. 👹
@rrhoover Haha play some 70's Disco @ random times 🔥😎
@milesfitzgerald Just got your app and started messing with it. Very cool! I connected to my Alexa, but unfortunately it doesn't allow me to play music on her remotely. Says, "Amazon Prime Music isn't supported with this device". :-(
@nyalex Hey Alex, we're actively talking to the Amazon Echo team to let you control your Echo. For now you can only talk to Alexa.
@milesfitzgerald Oh ok, no worries. Still helpful. Obviously it would be nice to get Alexa to do stuff when I am a couple minutes from home, for example.
This is awesome! Really seems like a trojan horse for owning the smart home over even Apple or Google. I just wish Sonos would integrate it 😡
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@ow exactly This! Perfect opportunity for Echo & Sonos to work together. I'm sure someone in the Samsung SmartThings community will pull together a hacky solution and have it on GitHub soon enough 😛 Edit: Seems that there already is a (very) hacky solution via SmartThings - https://community.smartthings.co...
@ow agreed. Amazon truly is taking over the home and, in turn, Alexa may win war with Siri and Google Now.
@ow I want Google Play Music... and also availability in Canada :p Debating hooking up an old FireTV, VPN-ing, and getting a prime trial just to drive to the border and grab it. Just finished installing all my smart lighting (wemo + gue) and this looks amazing. Echo was always a bit too pricey for my mild home automation needs and lack of features here but this is tempting. Alternately, any Amazon product hunters who can hook me up with a way to order to the border? Also anyone from Amazon if you can fill us in if you need an Echo to use the Dot that'd be appreciated.
@ow It's coming...
@ow I'm not sure which way Amazon is going to go with this. It's apparent now they are going for multiple Echos per household. Given that, synchronizing music / audio between Echos seems like a logical next step. If they keep audio output closed, it would force people to adopt the "Amazon Sound System", which would also, incidentally, put Alexa in every room. Audio output integrations may be reserved only for devices that support the Fire Stick. I'm really hoping they DON'T do this! ...But it seems like a possibility.
So many voice-enabled apps and hardware lately. Her isn't far away.
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I own an Amazon Echo (not the Dot) and I use it literally every day for things like setting my morning alarm, playing music (the library is huge), and getting the current weather before I go out. Alexa is really handy. I paid $300 for mine as a pre-order and it was/is well worth it, minus the fact that it's now going for $90 - ugh! Also, when friends come over, it's a nice toy to show off. Haha.
@nyalex Wowza, when was Echo ever $300!? I got mine in the beta for $99. I totally agree, though. I use echo for SO much. I used to be so against IoT, but now i turn on my lights in the morning and off at night with voice, and I couldn't imagine it any other way... except when my interent is down...=(
@dhulser @nyalex Same here, Beta'd for $99.
@callan752 @nyalex and at $99 it is totally worth it, but I don't even recommend it to friends at the standard $199 price, never mind $300!
@callan752 @dhulser I was one of the first on the pre-order. Waited 3-4 months for it get be delivered. Actually, I think what happened was it was $299 initially and right before shipping they ended up charging everyone $199.
@nyalex @callan752 ah cool. that makes sense. How do you feel about the purchase at $200? Would you recommend?
Need this in Canada ASAP!