Echo by Amazon

Like a physical version of Siri

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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
This reminds me of Jibo, but with slightly less creepy factor.

$199 (and $99 for prime members) seems reasonable. I hope they open an API so this can hook into my iOS devices and other tech in the home like Nest.
Anton Troynikov —
@rrhoover this and the Fire phone makes me wonder whether Amazon wants to follow a Google strategy in hardware, but in-house rather than acquisitions.
Max Kirchoff — Dev Director, The Bold Italic
@rrhoover IMHO - Amazon APIs are pretty transparent even when not explicitly "open". Haven't messed with other Fire devices, but Kindle had some cool integrations off the bat.
Robert Mao — Cofounder of PixoMobile.
@rrhoover API may expose more chance for malware or NSA to listen to the home... scary.
Nick Zieber — Consultant - Xpand, Hong Kong
@mave99a I was going to add that as well... Nice try NSA. :)
Robert Mao — Cofounder of PixoMobile.
@rrhoover UBI ( is more similar, but with its $299 price tag, lame speaker it's less interesting.
@atroyn my thoughts exactly. They're trying really hard to keep up with google, but keeping it all in house isn't a smart differentiator...
Erik Finman — Founder of Finman Technologies
The most cringe video I've ever seen. But looks like a really cool product! Thanks for the Hunt!
Ellen Chisa — VP Product, Lola
@erikfinman agreed with the video - It was somehow regressive for both genders. I'm actually a little nervous if the team was tone deaf enough to release this video, there will be implicit sexism in the product too :(
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