Echo by Amazon

A hands-free speaker you control with your voice

#5 Product of the MonthNovember 2014

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This reminds me of Jibo, but with slightly less creepy factor. $199 (and $99 for prime members) seems reasonable. I hope they open an API so this can hook into my iOS devices and other tech in the home like Nest.
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@rrhoover this and the Fire phone makes me wonder whether Amazon wants to follow a Google strategy in hardware, but in-house rather than acquisitions.
@rrhoover IMHO - Amazon APIs are pretty transparent even when not explicitly "open". Haven't messed with other Fire devices, but Kindle had some cool integrations off the bat.
@rrhoover this is really cool!
@rrhoover API may expose more chance for malware or NSA to listen to the home... scary.
@mave99a I was going to add that as well... Nice try NSA. :)
The most cringe video I've ever seen. But looks like a really cool product! Thanks for the Hunt!
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@erikfinman agreed with the video - It was somehow regressive for both genders. I'm actually a little nervous if the team was tone deaf enough to release this video, there will be implicit sexism in the product too :(
Cool, yet creepy at the same time. Not sure how I feel about this. // signs up for invite.
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Maybe I'm not getting it, by why would someone pay $199/$99 for a standalone device that does something that Android/iOS/Windows Phone do already?
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@ghobs91 because for the ones you mentioned, you need to get them out of your pocked and press the button.
@Nivo0o0 IDK about other Android phones, but my Moto X responds to a keyphrase without me even touching it. I know that Siri does the same now if it's plugged in charging. The use case for this device suggests that it's meant for when you're home or at the office, in which case your phone is not likely to be in your pocket.
@ghobs91 it's also not likely to be plugged in. They priced it correctly where it's not and either this or Siri type of decision.
@ghobs91 I basically do what this device does every morning with my phone and a bluetooth speaker. Srsly though, I'd buy this. $99 is less than I paid for the speaker - and - I don't have to fool with pairing issues every other day.
In other news... The NSA is feel the overwhelming joy they missed out on the day of the Apple Event.