Figure out what to make with the food you already have

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✋🏽 Hey guys and gals! Abe here. EatHow gives you recipes you can make with the food you already have. You can also use it to plan your meals and manage your grocery list. It's completely free to use with new recipes every week. I'll be answering questions so..shoot!
@abraham_o where are you getting / curating the recipes from? I'm interested in using EatHow, but need to be able to filter / restrict recipes to those that meet specific dietary requirements (ex: gluten-free, paleo, pescatarian, vegan, etc). Any plans to provide this functionality, and/or source applicable recipes?
@taylor_banks hi, I'm doing the recipes myself for now. The total number of recipes is too low for now to add that feature. I wouldn't want a vegan trying the app for the first time and only getting 2 recipes back for example. That said, I'm tackling this by adding new recipes every week and keeping other diets in mind. Keep a look out :)
For those interested in this, we also invite you to try our product which offers not only highly advanced recipe search, but also food pairing recommendations, cooking tips, storage info, nutrition info, etc. Visit our PH page to learn more:
Like the idea here, can think of some situations when I've wanted a solution like this. Would love to know about people who have used it
Really cool idea, I can think of many times this would have been useful. The subscription based payment turns me off completely though. To me, it hurts more than helps it. There's plenty of other ways to profit off this that don't require as much user commitment.
@jhernandez80 Hey Jose. I didn't know I would be on PH today. I wanted to remove pricing beforehand and now I have :) EatHow is now completely free. Enjoy!
@abraham_o Nice, I will definitely start using this often. Good luck on your ventures!
I love the idea. Some people (myself included) find it much more difficult than others to scan what's left of their pantry and figure out what can combined into a good meal. I could see just having an up-to-date inventory of your kitchen become very powerful.