EasyFridge (shut down)

Subscription grocery delivery. No thinking required.

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Matt MirelesΒ β€” Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Extole.
Hi, I'm one of the founders. We created EasyFridge so that working families (and busy professionals) wouldn't have to spend their Saturday afternoons stuck in line at the grocery store.

As a dad and professional entrepreneur, one of the unexpected benefits of EasyFridge to our family has been a dramatic reduction in how much we spend on restaurant takeout and delivery. My wife and I did the math and we went from spending $604/month to $140/month after signing up for EasyFridge––that's a 77% reduction. Now we're eating healthier and spending more quality time with our son after work.
Ryan HooverΒ β€” Founder, Product Hunt
Hey, @mattmireles! Love this. As I get older, I'm looking for products and services that can save me time. I'm a loyal Instacart customer and use it weekly (cc'ing co-founder @max).

How do you know people will pay for this? Any early tests you can share?
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