EarTrumpet is a powerful volume control app for Windows that allows users to visualize audio with multi-channel aware peaking, move apps between playback devices, and more.

"EarTrumpet is the Windows 10 volume control app Microsoft should have created" - The Verge

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Simple idea. Here's a similar app for Mac users.
@rrhoover: That's beatuiful too. Seeing the response of that app on PH, I think windows users don't find the "need" of this. ;-)
@rrhoover Thanks for taking a peek, Ryan! And thanks @arjit_raj for getting us started.
@withinrafael I was searching for the GIF for thumbnail. Couldn't get anywhere. My bad.
@rrhoover Thanks. I was just thinking that if there is a similar app for mac, then I saw your message. VERY HELPFUL.
Following main features: Controls classic and modern app volumes Controls default audio device with two clicks Matches the look and feel of Windows Supports moving apps between playback devices Integrated with Feedback Hub
Love the ease of use and reducing the hustle of changing volume for each different app.

This should have been made by Microsoft.


Easy to use


Freemium version not availble

Want to also share that we're working on EarTrumpet add-ons that fulfill a ton of enhancement requests we've received over the years. Those will land in 1H 2019, if everything goes well. Stay tuned!