Dwellito is a curated list of the top modular homes in the US. Compare designs, floor-plans, run the numbers, make a purchase and get it shipped to your door (technically shipped to your lot, and placed in with a crane)

Hey PH and thanks for the hunt @moeamaya I’m excited to share Dwellito 🏠 It’s a tiny-house-discovery platform that showcases well designed, affordable modular homes. Background... For a year now, I’ve been on the search for a rental home to plop in my backyard. The loan-to-income numbers were just nuts on modular homes; I could pay my loan back within a few years and then just make profit. I also noticed some signals that the modular home market was going to scale in 2019 with more city allowances combined with the ubiquity of Airbnb. Dwellito’s first release is to primarily intended to familiar more people with the idea of buying a modular home. Features Roadmap... -Modular homes outside of the US: other countries have incredible designs that need to be included -Permitting: city codes and simple step-by-step permitting -Testimonials: real people sharing their experiences and income numbers -Showcase trial locations: places to experience the physical space before you buy -Comparison module: a deeper comparison mode like you do on autotrader Looking forward to your comments. Thanks!
@moeamaya @calebarclay I love this Caleb, thanks for creating it! I've found myself really interested in modular homes, from both personal and business perspectives. The site looks great and I love the homes you featured.
Thank you @tyreljohnson. It's been an fun journey and I appreciate the kind words
I think modular homes are neat and I've always wanted to finally check the price for those - thank you! 🙌 Now I kinda wanna buy one 🤔- do you happen to know if they are warm enough (East coast/West coast)?
awesome @zelena, I hope you can get one! In terms of the insulation, each home uses different materials but generally speaking, the r-values of modular homes are similar to a conventional site-built homes. I'll have to look into each design but they should be fine for extreme weathers.