Instant duotone effects in your browser

Duotones is a collection of hand-picked color pairs and a customizeable effect generator. Find an image or upload your own, add an effect, and download the image for your own use. Want to up your selfie game? Try it on your iPhone. Want a posterized look? Crank up the contrast and adjust the brightness to match. SVG+CSS export is coming soon.

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Hey PH! We built Duotones.co as a side project of Medialoot that would give our users some custom one-click photo effects. There are a lot of similar sites out there, but coming from a design background we wanted to put in the extra effort on beautiful color pairings and details like contrast and brightness adjustment. I think the really fun part is using this on mobile. You wouldn't believe how cute my dog is with the right color adjustments ;) There are a lot of other features we're working on including SVG/CSS export and a few effect variations. Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!
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This is a fun, easy-to-use tool. A quick way to reset contrast/brightness settings to the default would be super useful (and even more useful would be a few contrast/brightness presets like default, posterize, etc). Well done, Medialoot team!
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@sethlilly Done! Really though: awesome suggestion. It was fast to implement so I added presets for "default", "posterize", "high key", and "low key". They work surprisingly well actually, take a peek and let me know if you have any other good ideas ;)
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@masonhipp INCREDIBLE! Thank you for even considering this feedback! This goes down in history as the fastest suggestion implementation I've ever seen. This is almost exactly what I was thinking and it works perfectly. Great work!
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@sethlilly I have a pretty solid quick deploy setup in place and the adjustment settings seemed like a no-brainer. Keep the suggestions coming 👍
*Adds to bookmarks* Love this, isolated a popular, effective element of Adobe Photoshop and made it easy for non designers to use. Makes my photos look amazing! Great job 🙌🏾
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Just tried it out on a few of the sample pics. Very fun color combos! Can you make a custom color picker so that I can colorize photos for my startup with our color hexes?
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@fred_behnke Working on this now, gonna take a bit longer than @sethlilly's suggestion but hopefully not by too much Edit: Custom colors added! Scroll to the bottom of the color list to add your own

I added this to my favorites because it's just that... I think I will use this for different websites, and even side projects for clients. The custom color filters are clutch, and being able to do this with the images from MediaLoot instead of having to put them in Photoshop is extremely helpful and time efficient. These guys clearly know what they're doing - small project or large.


easy, intuitive, and some really fun filters to bring images to life


another tool to use

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