Search thousands of images via Unsplash or drag and drop your own images into the browser to apply a duotone effect. Another one (DJ Khalid voice) from ShapeFactory - more coming soon.

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14 Reviews4.6/5

Very helpful for Designers to make background images quickly


Simply awesome tool


Usability is suffered due to excessive minimalism

- Would be great to have color combo suggestions

- If we can also resize/crop and optimize the image... would be amazing to have but maybe an overkill :-)

I get great duotone images without having to open Photoshop. I popped the finished results into ImageOptim and I was good to go!


Does a PS gradient map in seconds straight from your browser


(small!! cons)

- Uploaded images are fit to fullscreen which prevents me from previewing some in full.

- Some image previews are rotated.

Hey Alex! If you hover over the little water drop icon it does give some color combo suggestions :), is this what you mean? Admittedly the fullscreen view is form over function, but when you download the image you do get the full size. Cropping and resizing is a bit out of scope for this app – the workflow we use most often with this is in tandem with other design software, and most of those let you resize and crop. Thanks for the feedback!
This is awesome! Thanks!
This is incredible!
I can stop designing these for my company! Thanks for saving so much time!