A self-hosted alternative to Trello

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 01, 2016
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This is the third major rewrite of this app and looks to be a self-hosted alternative to Trello, Basecamp and Freshbooks. At a fraction of the cost!
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Hey everyone. Founder of Duet here. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback about Duet. Always looking for ways to improve :)
This looks great. It reminds me slightly of the Flow app by Metalab, which I loved. I can't find any info regarding the source code itself. What tech makes up the stack? How do you facilitate updates? I love the fact that it's self hosted as it means I can add features myself. I notice there is no way to tag/categorize tasks. Is this deliberate, or just a lower priority feature? How do you enforce the licenses? I see price varies based on # of users. Do you distribute different source based on that selection?
@andyjbas Flow was definitely one of my sources of inspiration. I love it's simplicity. The app is PHP and Javascript. Updates are manual at the moment, but they are simple and should take no more time than the actual install (which takes 5-10 minutes). Tagging will make it's way into the app eventually, but I had a bunch of more pressing features I needed to release first (i.e. recurring invoicing was a big one that people kept asking for). But even though there's no tagging, there's still categorization, which applies to both the kanban and the list views. Yes, licenses are enforced exactly the way you describe :)
Good idea, but bad mobile realization
@sasha_radoslavov I'm working on native mobile apps right now. So soon it will be a lot better :)
@saleemelamin_ @sasha_radoslavov I think it's a great idea too! But the responsive layout was bad, even on desktop
@saleemelamin_ is there any update for iOS and android app ?
All in all looks really nice. One thing I'd say is that the price is advertised as a one-time cost of $59, but self hosted solutions require hosting as well which would be extra. A little disingenuous to directly compare for example, Basecamp's monthly cost of $29 totalling $348 to your $59 for Duet.
@dylanjnz Most users already have a server and most install on their existing server, so there's actually no extra cost :) I designed it specifically so that it would work on even the most basic shared server so even if you're using the $3/month plan from siteground, you can use Duet.
@saleemelamin_ Thanks for answering :) Fair enough, just thought I'd mention it. Maybe making a deal with a hosting company would be a good idea at some point in the future.