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#3 Product of the DayJuly 28, 2015
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Very cool and reminds me of Apple iOS 9's push toward a universal search engine. It doesn't look like DuckDuckGo added Product Hunt yet but a while ago they integrated PH search results into the feed itself. Here are the results for "producthunt emoji":
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@rrhoover thanks! If you or anyone else have ideas for how to improve the instant answer, please let me know. We'll get on adding the !producthunt bang.
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@yegg @rrhoover !ph & !producthunt works now!
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@yegg Niiiiiice. Way to keep the PH crew happy. πŸ‘
@yegg it redirects me to product hunt, but not with the search I entered.
@alexg473 @rrhoover there is a bug on safari on some versions of OSX, and I think it is on the PH side.
Nice one! Would be really helpful also to search in multiple sources at once, like !facebook !twitter !linkedin within the interface, without being redirected to the sources
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@ekaterinaklink thanks for the feedback!
Love DDG. Also, great community @
Love it a lot! As it seems like a 'side product' how do you foresee it will grow (how much of your team's effort goes towards this project)? And how has the response been from the companies / sites you're linking to β€” if any?
@thisisjorik it's actually been around near the beginning of DuckDuckGo, I'm not sure when exactly but probably sometime in early 2009. It's remained largely a hidden feature though until very recently when we started letting people know about it on the SERP and redesigned this dedicated introductory page. In short, people love it on all sides (users, sites, us).
@yegg @thisisjorik looks great I agree though that it looks like a side product
@yegg Great stuff. Wondering how much this can help DDG grow; it sure attracts my attention :).
Still my favorite DDG feature! Think i've recommended a ProductHunt bang in the past, but they never implemented it πŸ˜₯