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#4 Product of the DayMarch 19, 2020
Today, we have several huge updates to Dubb. More details and AMA below! This is a difficult time, and we want to support businesses in any way we can. Right now, that means being focused on building the best solution for actionable video communication.
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The world has changed around us. Within a matter of days each and every one of us on the planet has experienced a massive change. A global pandemic has forced all of us to rethink the way we conduct our businesses. Remote work has never been so real. Please watch the video (https://youtu.be/xs-wxnueUmo) and learn more at https://dubb.com/remote. Dubb Remote is an integration of an entire video suite to keep your sales, marketing and comms continuing during COVID 19. Dubb Remote features the following: Dubb YouTube integration Dubb real-time video chat Dubb auto transcription generator Reinvented Dubb Mobile apps Dubb Desktop App Dubb for LinkedIn Dubb for Slack Dubb for Asana Dubb for HubSpot Dubb for Salesforce and so much more... Using video for business is not new. It's been around for years. Web conference calls, YouTube and other social media have made video ubiquitous. But hosting a video conference and posting a video on social media isn't always what you need. Sometimes you need asynchronous video. An easy way to capture a visual idea from your phone, screen, or webcam, and to share that over channels that drive actions--and conversions--not just views and engagement. After all, when you can’t physically be next to a person, sending a video via email, SMS, Slack, Asana or LinkedIn becomes a very viable option. Dubb Remote provides a fully integrated remote work platform that allows users to create, share and track videos in your favorite ways. With a Desktop app, YouTube integration, real-time chat, transcription generator, LinkedIn integration, and so much more, Dubb Remote is sure to boost your productivity wherever you are. We’d like to give a HUGE thanks to the entire Dubb community of tens of thousands of businesses. This effort would not have been possible without the continued feedback and support we’ve received from our user base. As part of an effort to support remote work--and all of us continuing our work--Dubb is proud to offer unlimited storage and unlimited videos for all plans, including the free plan for the foreseeable future. This is just a small gesture to support our users to share their stories and continue to drive their businesses amidst these challenging current times. Dubb Remote is here. And it’s here to help. Please watch the video (https://youtu.be/xs-wxnueUmo) and learn more at https://dubb.com/remote Please consider this a question/answer forum. I will personally commit to answering each and every comment left below. Thank you. 🙏🏽
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@ruben_dua - I was impressed with Dubb's direction and momentum since last year. I had to be involved, even if it was in a very small way. Alerts were made for upcoming announcements, but ALL of these Features are incredibly important for remote/virtual occupations. I'm honestly blown away by the continued progress! But I have to wonder? What's new features are coming out next?
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@laura_huber THANK you for saying this! But I must ask.... What do YOU want to see next!
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@ruben_dua Always impressed by your stamina and company's ability to innovate. Great tool and team!
@ruben_dua I came across Dubb a while back while surfing the inter-web in search of content for my newsletter. The more I dug into the platform, the more impressed I became...and back then it had nowhere close to the number of innovative features it has developed now. The Dubb team is hard-working, and definitely committed to making the platform as relevant to the world around us as possible. Sad to say that I haven’t used Dubb as much as I could have in the past.....but that’s changing as of today. 😀👌
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Dubb is great and continues to innovate. I use it almost daily to communicate with clients and vendors easily and need to use it with automated marketing more!
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@greenrhyno Thanks Ryan! Hearing that keeps us going 😄
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@greenrhyno @joelshuflin Dubb Login is an early feature I thought we finalized. Guess not. Don't worry we're sending you a support message now to get you back on track! Apologies for the inconvenience.
@greenrhyno Thanks a ton for saying this, Ryan. Awesome to hear that you are in a flow using Dubb on a daily basis. How are you using automation? Always curious.
Thank you Team Dubb. I love the new YouTube integration, particularly having the views register on YouTube. I've not used Dubb Chat yet, however that is also very cool. You guys have been busy, and I appreciate the regular client interviews within the Dubb page. It is definitely useful to send personal messages to clients during what is a crazy coronavirus time.
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@marilyn_devonish So excited to see the community start using the YouTube integration! So many powerful use cases there! Thanks Marilyn we appreciate your support so much!
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@marilyn_devonish Great insight here (and as always). Thanks for the continued support. We're glad we can help during this strange time.
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@joelshuflin We have been experiencing increased volume and trying to keep up best we can. Please email support @ dubb.com Apologies for the delay!
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@ruben_dua You are most welcome. Dubb has gone from strength to strength since I signed up well over a year ago.
@shannonleonard You are most welcome. I love the Dubb platform and the Dubb Team have been consistent with the updates and improvements to the platform.
Any time I get a dubb it makes my day!
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@stapho_thienpont NICE! This comment just made my day. Thanks so much for the support, Stapho!
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Ask us anything and the Dubb team + founder @rubendua will be here all day to answer!
@rubendua @shannonleonard Yes. This is a good opportunity to give everyone a voice on how we can all leverage Dubb to continue to be productive (remotely).