Dropbox Smart Sync

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@nickcreates - is there any way to get this working with Dropbox Pro accounts? Edit: More asking if it's in the pipeline to work with Dropbox Pro eventually.
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@lashandias @nickcreates Same here. I asked their support chat, and they said there is no plan for Pro users yet, which I find ridiculous why they wouldn't include this much anticipated feature for paying Pro users. I don't require the team features, but Smart Sync would be very beneficial to me. It isn't worth paying an extra ~$110/yr for me though :(
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@chad_fullerton @lashandias @nickcreates What a bunch of dirtbags! I pay for my DropBox account but now they're only going to roll out high profile features for business? Guess it's time to start evaluating other options again.
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@burtbrumme @lashandias @nickcreates Ya, that's how a lot of Pro account users seem to be feeling from what I see on Twitter. Feeling snubbed. Was really looking forward to this long awaited feature! Will have to wait and see if they hopefully add it for Pro users soon. On a positive note: Harry McCracken reports for Fast Company that Dropbox said it ‘is actively considering how to roll the feature out to consumers’. So maybe they are holding out to try and convert people to Business accounts? Not the nicest of strategies for Pro users. I can see not giving it to Free users, but Pro accounts which are paying for the service should get the feature IMHO.
@chad_fullerton there is an app called odrive, it do the same thing and it's not just for Dropbox, you can use other cloud drive with it too.
@dany20mh Cool, I'll check that out! Thanks!
Too bad it's only for enterprise and business products.......
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Is this a re-branding of Project Infinite, or something different? https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@grberk Yes, Smart Sync was formally known as "Project infinite"
Hopefully this feature will be available for Linux soon.
Literally Pied Piper
@striedinger lol they wish this was pied piper