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#4 Product of the WeekAugust 16, 2017

  • Elle Martinez
    Elle MartinezCreator/Podcast Host, Couple Money

    Gives an easy to follow framework for emails


    Would love this to incorporate some storytelling framework from André Chaperon :)

    For me, this was a HUGE help! It gave me the structure I needed so I could customize emails for my audience's needs.

  • Beth Fiedler
    Beth FiedlerHappy Entrepreneur w 2 PH products 🙌

    Clean design of templates available. Choose one and customize the fields. Viola. Download the file and start using the emails



    Appreciate the efforts spent in mapping out the squence including confirmation and follow-up. Well done!

    Beth Fiedler has used this product for one day.
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Bryan Harris
Bryan HarrisMaker@harris_bryan
Writing a good email sequence is hard and take a lot of time. How many emails should be in the sequence? How many days should be between each email? What should each email say? So - we made http://dripscripts.com. It’ll help you write email sequences that will grow your business in less than 60 seconds. How it works: 1. You pick the type of sequence you need 2. You enter a few variables into the app 3. We write the sequence and send you a zip file with every email to send. Note: All of the sequences in Drip Scripts have been tested and have a succesful track record. Here are 3 of my favorites: 1. Cart Abandonment Sequence: Use this sequence when someone comes to your checkout page but doesn’t buy your product. It will remind them and get them to purchase. 2. Flash Sale Sequence: Use this sequence to run a 48-hour flash sale. It will intro an offer, show the benefits of the product and apply urgency to incentivize people to buy. 3. Email Class to Sales Pitch Sequence: Use this email sequence as a free class that people can opt in to join. It will teach them 6 lessons, then pitch them on any related product. … Hope this helps you guys!
Taylor Banks
Taylor Banks@taylor_banks
@harris_bryan Great stuff, as always!
Mike@mike_seekwell · SeekWell.io
@harris_bryan This is probably obvious to others, but what do I do with the zip file? Is it loaded to drip.co? Or is this completely unrelated and I just manually send the emails?
kimberly@kimberlyds1 · Owner - Mummepreneur
@harris_bryan Hey. I was just checking out the "6-Part Email Class to Sales Pitch" and can't find the form to enter information for customizing the emails! :(
Don The Idea Guy
Don The Idea Guy@dontheideaguy · The Idea Department
@harris_bryan @kimberlyds1 I couldn't see the form-fill boxes either, but I just discovered it was a screen resolution issue. I reduce the display to 80% in my browser window and the form boxes appeared.
Wilco de Kreij
Wilco de Kreij@emarky · CEO UpViral & Connectio
Once again, well done Bryan!
Bryan Harris
Bryan HarrisMaker@harris_bryan
@emarky Thanks Wilco! Means a lot coming from you.
Matt Ragland
Matt Ragland@mattragland · Customer Success at ConvertKit
Love this for email marketers Bryan (and VF team)! Thanks for letting me contribute :D I was really excited to see this launch, I work with new email marketers every day at ConvertKit and one of the top struggles is creating a sequence for their readers. Drip Scripts solves that problem! A quick overview of the results I've had with my script, the "New Subscriber Welcome Series", which is 5 emails teaching people the basics of sketchnotes! Open Rates = 62% Click Rates = 17% Also, and we didn't include this (it's in another script), but providing that much value is a great sales lead up as well. The course pitch I follow this with is converting 23% of subscribers to sales! 👍👍👍 to Drip Scripts.
Bryan Harris
Bryan HarrisMaker@harris_bryan
@mattragland Dude - thanks for sharing these numbers!
Jared Dees
Jared Dees@jareddees · Content Marketing Manager
Hard to believe this is free!
Bryan Harris
Bryan HarrisMaker@harris_bryan
@jareddees "others charge $99 a month for the same thing"
kimberly@kimberlyds1 · Owner - Mummepreneur
@harris_bryan WOW!! This is awesome... Why is it free? Going to check it out right away, before you change your mind and decide to charge for it! :P
Bryan Harris
Bryan HarrisMaker@harris_bryan
I just added a video demo/tour of Drip Scripts in the thumbnail gallery above.