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Writing a good email sequence is hard and take a lot of time. How many emails should be in the sequence? How many days should be between each email? What should each email say? So - we made http://dripscripts.com. It’ll help you write email sequences that will grow your business in less than 60 seconds. How it works: 1. You pick the type of sequence you need 2. You enter a few variables into the app 3. We write the sequence and send you a zip file with every email to send. Note: All of the sequences in Drip Scripts have been tested and have a succesful track record. Here are 3 of my favorites: 1. Cart Abandonment Sequence: Use this sequence when someone comes to your checkout page but doesn’t buy your product. It will remind them and get them to purchase. 2. Flash Sale Sequence: Use this sequence to run a 48-hour flash sale. It will intro an offer, show the benefits of the product and apply urgency to incentivize people to buy. 3. Email Class to Sales Pitch Sequence: Use this email sequence as a free class that people can opt in to join. It will teach them 6 lessons, then pitch them on any related product. … Hope this helps you guys!
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@harris_bryan Great stuff, as always!
@harris_bryan This is probably obvious to others, but what do I do with the zip file? Is it loaded to drip.co? Or is this completely unrelated and I just manually send the emails?
@harris_bryan Hey. I was just checking out the "6-Part Email Class to Sales Pitch" and can't find the form to enter information for customizing the emails! :(
@harris_bryan @kimberlyds1 I couldn't see the form-fill boxes either, but I just discovered it was a screen resolution issue. I reduce the display to 80% in my browser window and the form boxes appeared.
Once again, well done Bryan!
@emarky Thanks Wilco! Means a lot coming from you.
Love this for email marketers Bryan (and VF team)! Thanks for letting me contribute :D I was really excited to see this launch, I work with new email marketers every day at ConvertKit and one of the top struggles is creating a sequence for their readers. Drip Scripts solves that problem! A quick overview of the results I've had with my script, the "New Subscriber Welcome Series", which is 5 emails teaching people the basics of sketchnotes! Open Rates = 62% Click Rates = 17% Also, and we didn't include this (it's in another script), but providing that much value is a great sales lead up as well. The course pitch I follow this with is converting 23% of subscribers to sales! 👍👍👍 to Drip Scripts.
@mattragland Dude - thanks for sharing these numbers!
Hard to believe this is free!
@jareddees "others charge $99 a month for the same thing"
@harris_bryan WOW!! This is awesome... Why is it free? Going to check it out right away, before you change your mind and decide to charge for it! :P
I just added a video demo/tour of Drip Scripts in the thumbnail gallery above.