Access to pre-screened Silicon Valley startups

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Had an opportunity to meet the dream funded team in one of their pitch off events in Boston. Great team.
What differentiates this from AngelList or FundersClub? Why makes this better?
@kevinace That is a good question Kevin. DreamFunded provided shareholder liquidity, including tech employees who want liquidity.
DreamFunded is both a secondary market for startup employees to sell their shares (to anyone), and a way for accredited investors to invest in startups fundraising on the platform. DreamFunded has also jumped on the recent regulation A+ changes: allowing non-accredited investors to invest in early-stage startups on their platform.
Nice concept. 1. How can startup connect with you to get pre-screened? didn't see any info about that on the site. 2. The TechCruch post in March noted DreamFunded helps investors to connect with emerging markets startups, mostly in India. Is this a change of focus or are you doing both?
@dglbr 1. http://login.dreamfunded.com/fun... 2. I think the article was not clear. We are focused only USA investments.
I'm excited about Dreamfunded. Your team is well positioned to be a front runner in this new fundraising era we're entering. Few questions... How much will it cost an early stage startup to meet the Reg A+ requirements, allowing them to list? Any idea when this will actually be available to non accredited investors? Next week? Few months? What criteria are you using to vet opportunities?