Improve lucid dreaming, record your dreams in 60 seconds

To learn lucid dreaming, common advice is to start writing down dreams. But that quickly takes a lot of time.
DreamFort solves this by letting you add the keywords first, and the whole story later, when you have time.
The keywords help you remember.
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Common advice for learning lucid dreaming is to start by writing dreams down. I did exactly that and it happened pretty quickly that I remembered so many dreams and details that it took more than 30 min to write them down. 30 min each morning is too much for me, so I searched for a solution to make it faster. What worked for me is writing down the main points of my dreams, and the full story later when I had time, e.g. during my commute. Doing that on pen&paper was annoying, since I usually don't have that with me when I leave the house. An app would be better. At the time I couldn't find one that properly supported this workflow, so I made my own. The result, DreamFort, you can see here. Hope you like it :)
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@domysee Looks great! I would add a voice to text feature to eliminate typing!
@april_bott Thanks! Have you tried using Siri? The little microphone button on the keyboard. As a single developer, it's pretty much impossible to create better voice to text than Apple, so for dictation that's what I rely on.
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I've always wanted to lucid dream, but it seems like a ton of work to get there. Curious how many people lucid dream?
I do often
I do rarely
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@rrhoover yeah unfortunately it's not easy, and I haven't yet found a reliable method that works for me. But once you have a lucid team, it's simply a breathtaking experience you want to replicate over and over.
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Sounds great, looking forward to an Android version