A place to draft content & share it.

Drafty is a simple way to share your draft content with others for review. Just write, share & edit.

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Back when Medium first started, I was hoping they'd focus more on building tools to help writer collaborate and get feedback (something like this). Great work, @gadgick.
@rrhoover Thank you, Ryan πŸŽ‰
Hey folks, I'm super excited to be back after many, many months since posting my last product. Today I'm proud to launch Drafty. It's a simple way to write draft content & share it with people to review before publishing. I've written a blog post on how Drafty came about, but the short story was I have been asked to write several guest posts but there wasn't an easy, simple, tool that would allow me to write the content, share & allow people to modify, that met my requirements. Features include: - Kanban-style board to allow you to manage your content - Super easy content editor (based on Medium editor) - No authentication needed for reviewers - Share draft content with a button, add a message and send an email automatically Drafty is currently free, and am working towards a pricing model (will always have a free plan, but am thinking pro + team plans). Keen to see what the community thinks & very excited for the future of Drafty!
Also forgot to add, I've been building this in open with the amazing support from the Makerlog community. Having a community kept me going πŸ’ͺ
Congratulations on the launch! I loved watching Drafty get built, and it is an honor to witness its launch. Best wishes, congrats, and keep on shipping!
@ftxrc Thank you Sergio! You and the Makerlog community helped me massively to get this to where it is today.

The development on this so far has been grear. Looking forward to seeing how it develops


Easy to use, clean interface and does what it says on the tin!



@gadgick Great idea and I signed up to test it. I am working on Firefox: 1. I would love to see auto saving - I drafted a document and clicked save but it did not do so 2. I can not see how to delete from the dashboard so where a document did not save I can see a placeholder saying 'no drafts here' but can not click into the article to delete it 3. I tried twice to email the draft for review but they never arrived 4. I can not see how to log out 5. I did not try adding hyperlinks so wondering if they work as live links? The app certainly has a lot of potential
@krishnade Thanks so much for testing! I've dropped you a message, mainly about no. 3. But for everyone else: 1. Yes, this is in the pipeline. 2. You can delete a draft by going into the draft by clicking on the card on the dashboard. However, for a better user experience, I'll work on adding actions on the card itself. 4. Logout - link is missing in the menu; will get this added 5. Yes, hyperlinks do work.