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I'm proud to hunt doopoll today - a Welsh tech startup πŸ™Œ With doopoll you can easily create polls, but the data comes in instantly - you can react with a new question straight away. Everything is editable and works on all devices without an app. Been pretty awesome to see them grow. @thedimmick helped me host the first Product Hunt meetup in Cardiff around a year ago now. He presented doopoll then (although think it was a different name then) and its come so far already! Steve & team - tell us about doopoll :)
@bentossell @thedimmick Thanks for hunting us. πŸ‘― We've been up and running for a little while now but we've only been in public release for about a month. We started doopoll in response to a problem we were having with some clients in the creative communications agency we used to run. Basically, mid level managers' decisions about a project we were working on with them were getting overruled by senior management for really arbitrary reasons. That didn't seem helpful because the team had considered their choices based on really good info only to be overruled by a CEO's personal tastes. We (@thedimmick, @sgoudie and I) built a prototype of doopoll in 4 days and it turns out a lot of people had similar problems that doopoll could solve. We're now in use in over 150 cities worldwide and have great users of all shapes and sizes. It's been so much fun so far. So pumped to be on product hunt today. βœŒοΈπŸ΅πŸ‘―
Hm, proud polling Welsh startup. Are you gonna doopoll to exit the Great Britain? @bentossell @thedimmick
@kuolldev @thedimmick what a terrible idea
@bentossell @thedimmick @doopoll Well, some of them became reality sometimes :-)
@kuolldev @thedimmick @doopoll yeah, unfortunately.
Very very cool GIF πŸ‘πŸ‘
@nivo0o0 Thanks. Flashing GIFs are my spirit animal. Our Twitter feed is full of them Niv.
@iammarcthomas yes. brilliant response.
@nivo0o0 cheers, Niv. KNEW you'd like that one :)
Welcome to PH, gents. Great to see Welsh startups on here. I have two questions: 1 How does Doopoll differ from Typeform, Survey Monkey etc? 2 How did you celebrate Wales' magnificence in the recent European Championships (soccer, for our transatlantic chums!)
@neilcocker Diolch (thanks in Welsh for anyone who's uninitiated πŸ˜…). So thanks for the questions. 1) How do we differ from SurveyMonkey and Typeform etc? Actually we get asked this a lot. So one of the main points that we differentiate on is the anonymity of a poll. We never ask anyone for a login or a name. We believe that if you take the person's name and ID away from their response, they'll give a more honest response. That leads to better feedback. Also, we don't allow text entry. Research shows that when you ask someone to articulate their thoughts, they can actually find it quite difficult. The brain has separate parts that process language and decision making. 2) Celebrating Welsh football – We're always celebrating something about Wales. There's certainly been an increased use of the Welsh language here recently. Also our office looks right out over the route that the parade bus came on the other day. We were all dangling out of fourth storey windows cheering πŸŽ‰
Hey doopoll, great to see a Welsh start-up on here! I’ve been wondering how you feel about Twitter Polls? How would I convince someone to use doopoll instead of something native to Twitter?
@benjystanton Nice question Benjy. Twitter polls are great for single questions when you're already a Twitter user. But still, a lot of people don't fit that profile. One of the things about doopoll is that you can add more questions to the same poll in real time – that's cool because it means you don't have to try to get a user to continually interact with your timeline. They just load a link and new questions appear as soon as they're added. Imagine being sat in front of your TV/Computer interacting with a live stream in real time. We're already working with television production companies to make this a reality.
@benjystanton Just to add, what @tdd and the team at twitter have done with twitter polls is great: it's not always an either or scenario :) We're working really hard to ensure doopoll plays real nice with twitter and other social channels.
Lot's of Welsh love going on here today - great to see. Have you got any examples of how this could be used in a training environment to gather feedback from delegates?
@amienlockwood Hey Amie, for sure! So a couple of things here: 1) A poll template that you can use for 'Did you understand today's lecture' but obvs that can be applied to training contexts too: 2) A lot of our users use doopoll for live events. There's some info here: Happy to send you some other examples if you'd like?
@amienlockwood @mike_stone can give you some examples.
@iammarcthomas Ooh that's great! Will definitely give this a go for my next session. Thanks :)
@amienlockwood @iammarcthomas Hi there Amie! Thanks for your question. Here are a few starter polls to get you going in the right direction. Just click the button at the top to have these polls recreated into your account. Here are the templates:,,,
@mike_stone @iammarcthomas They look really good will definitely try you guys out during my next course.