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Top devs for startups affected by COVID-19 starting at $25/h

Lemon is a marketplace of vetted offshore developers. To help relieve the pressure startups are experiencing now, we’ve decided to cut our rates nearly in half by waiving all commissions on our side and asking our engineers to reduce their hourly rates too.
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Hey everyone! Aleksandr here, the co-founder of Frankly speaking, just a few weeks ago when we were planning on launching our new product on ProductHunt, we had no idea that we’d be launching an offer, and not the product itself. But with everything going on in the world, we just had no other choice. is a platform for hiring pre-vetted offshore developers created with startups in mind. We only work with developers from Eastern Europe where the cost of living is 45% lower than in the US, which allows us to source exceptional talent for rates that are both affordable for the clients and fair to contractors. Over the years in the industry (first under the name of CodingNinjas), we’ve perfected our vetting process and matching algorithms, and learned to flag and solve the potential bottlenecks in project deliveries before they even happen. In addition to that, our regular rates crafted to fit the startups’ budgets are 40% less than Toptal’s — our biggest competitor most of you are familiar with. But at times like this, we felt this wasn’t enough. A week ago, sitting under lockdown, going through our budgets, trying to find the expenses we can cut to save some cash, thinking of ways to ensure we won’t have to sacrifice our team and talking to our friends and partners who were doing the same, we realized we weren’t the only ones going through this. So we decided to jump on the train with the rest of you, and cut the low rates even further. In order to do that, we’ve had to waive our commission entirely and asked our contractors to reduce their hourly rates too. We were able to go as low as $25-$30/hour, which is extremely low given nothing else in our process will change. For those rates, we will still match startups with the same quality developers within 24 hours and ensure the delivery. Unfortunately, we can’t give this offer for every client, but only to those industries that were affected by COVID-19 the most or are on the frontlines of fighting the pandemic. Our primary focus will be on biotech, med, logistics startups, etc. But if you’re not on the list of our qualified business but think you should be, apply anyway! We’ll be happy to give a hand if we can. All new hires claimed under this offer before the 1st of July will get 60 days of reduced pricing. Will be happy to answer any questions. All feedback is welcomed too! Stay safe, and cut the costs.
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I've never seen a launch video like this, @volodarik. I dig it. :)