Do You Even List?

Auto updating Twitter list of people you interact with most

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Awesome idea. I know several people that follow almost everyone and maintain separate Twitter lists of people they actually follow.
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@rrhoover I do that!
@rrhoover Thank you! Yes, I was doing that very same thing with my lists and it can be quite time consuming to maintain and so... automation! :)
@rrhoover I too manage multiple list and it seems to get easier now! :)
Awesome tool! I get to have all my twitter friends in one list, with a single click :)
Hey all! Thanks for hunting this Jean :) This tool shows some love to Twitter lists! Some people (me) use lists rather than the timeline as a way to see what's going on in the land of Twitter. My favourite list I use is the one which contains all of my Twitter friends, the people I talk to on a daily basis. The list can take quite a lot of time to maintain, hence Do You Even List? This creates and maintains that list automatically based on the people your interact with most on Twitter. It updates itself frequently so any new friends aren't lost in the Twitter noise. It'd be great to hear any feedback you might have!
@carlhamlet great idea. Don't know anyone of the top 25 people in my list. May be these people/bots interacted with my tweets. Is there a way I only have people whom I interact with?
@shalabh_ Hi, had the same problem, running it a second time fixed it
@shalabh_ @carlhamlet Hi Shalabh, there seems to be a bug which is adding these odd users to your list. I'm going to work on it right now! Sorry for the inconvenience. Once I know the problem is solved I can refresh your list so it only has relevant users!
@oelmekki @carlhamlet Thanks for your feedback over Twitter Olivier, I think it's going to help me eliminate this bug much quicker! :)
@carlhamlet I have the same. It grabbed some (support companies) users I interacted with last week and 'only once' (in terms of timing).... I could help. Or maybe built a typeform to ask the people that signed up find most important metrics for a list
The perfect title. Seriously. If you're not listing, what are you doing?! :D
@v4violetta you are the biggest List proponent I know! I thought of you first when I saw this!
@v4violetta Lists are the only way to go! This looks a great tool. Just about to try it now.
@stttories Ha! I should do a protest or a petition or something. :D
I was taken to an error page when I clicked the "My Audience" link which in then redirected me to a page that was NSFW.