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#5 Product of the DayMarch 20, 2017
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Announced today on the YCombinator blog @shancarter and @ch402 from Google Brain are the founding editors Distill is taking the web seriously. A Distill article (at least in its ideal, aspirational form) isn’t just a paper. It’s an interactive medium that lets users – “readers” is no longer sufficient – work directly with machine learning models. Ideally, such articles will integrate explanation, code, data, and interactive visualizations into a single environment. In such an environment, users can explore in ways impossible with traditional static media. They can change models, try out different hypotheses, and immediately see what happens. That will let them rapidly build their understanding in ways impossible in traditional static media
Love the vision for Distill articles. This will help anyone learn and interact with the latest in Machine Learning. And you know there will be some cool visualizations if Mike Bostock (@mbostock) is involved!
Very cool, and potentially disruptive of the way we do a lot of science in the internet age. Excited to see where this goes.
Very cool vision. Hopefully the content expands to include fundamentals illustrating basic concepts like backpropagation etc. which are the most common stumbling point for a lot of people getting into ML/DL.