Disruption Podcast

A podcast about tech and industry disruption 👨‍💻🎙️

Disruption Podcast is about the disruption in our lives, how to move with the times, and how it has only just begun.

In each episode, Keegan will share his thoughts on new and emerging technology, why it’s important, and why it could go mainstream.

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Keegan J. Sard
Freelance Consultant
Thanks for checking out my podcast! I've seen many startups come and go but Instead of complaining that something doesn't work or could be improved amazing people put their hands up to try and make it better. However, change today is still an ugly word. Most people hate it and are stuck in their ways until they realise the power of disruption. That power enables people, communities, and companies to reach new heights and set new ambitious goals. I want to highlight what I'm seeing across industries being disrupted and celebrate the startups and people making a real impact. I will also highlight some great tools and products along the way that are getting traction and creating value. The Disruption Podcast is designed to show you what I'm seeing and leave you with some interesting takeaways to think about what could be coming in the future. I'm hoping to get your feedback, questions, and topic ideas here or alternatively hit me up on Twitter @keegansard. Thanks again, Keegs