Ingredient delivery for restaurant recipes

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#2 Product of the DayJuly 31, 2014
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Kevin Rose
Kevin RoseHunter@kevinrose · Builder of internet things.
I've used Forage a couple times now, they deliver all the ingredients and instructions -- the meals are famous dishes from local chefs. A great way to learn and cook amazing food.
Emily LaFave Olson
Emily LaFave OlsonMaker@emilylafave · Something new! Previously Din, Foodzie
Hey everyone! I'm one of the founders of Forage. Previously founded Foodzie and back at it. Happy to answer any questions you have.
Frank Barbieri
Frank Barbieri@frankba · partner, ecoloce
We have been using forage since the alpha launch, having used many of the other preparation and delivery services. I love forage for one simple reason: It makes me and my wife feel like heroes. I’ll ’splain. I’m an accomplished cook and my wife is an intermediate cook, we both work full time and while we have time during the weekdays to bang out a meal, we don’t typically have enough time to develop serious flavor. Forage works so well for this on both skill levels. For me I get restaurant dishes with the most time consuming part of the flavor development already done, for instance the stock from Hapa Ramen which takes hours to get right. I get to deliver that dish and in the process deconstruct the way it’s put together which educates my own cooking. For my wife, she is thrilled to be cooking restaurant quality meals in 20 minutes with intermediate skills. We’re hooked.
Emily LaFave Olson
Emily LaFave OlsonMaker@emilylafave · Something new! Previously Din, Foodzie
@rrhoover We kept hearing from our early users that they didn't have an hour to spend cooking every night.  We knew that restaurants could fire any dish in 20 min, so we really focused on how to use the same techniques they do to make a 20-min dinner possible for home cooks without compromising on flavor.  We're the only service that offers delicious, home-cooked meals in 20 mins or less.
Brenden Mulligan
Brenden Mulligan@mulligan · Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
Couldn't imagine a better team doing this. I've had the pleasure of watching this product evolve for a year and so excited that Rob, Emily, and Josh are sharing it with the world!