Google has released a set of experimental apps designed with your digital well being in mind. Google is encouraging developers to take inspiration from these examples and come up with their own Digital Wellbeing experiments using a “Hack Pack” and various APIs
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I love the idea but all the apps are half-baked. They are barebones, buggy clones of existing apps. Post Box is a copy of Daywise and a bad one because it won't let you set exceptions (so it even blocks "file downloaded" notifications and the like). Morph is a copy of Contextual App Folder (C.A.F.) and a launcher whose name I can't remember and I think it's been discontinued. Morph is also really bad. For one, picking the apps you want to add to a group is a painful process. You can't search and you need to use a tiny horizontal bar to pick apps. I have over 350 apps, no way I'm gonna waste my time organizing them using that bar. Unlock Clock is not customizable (I'd be OK with simple things, like at least changing the BG color. Like, why light gray?). Same goes for all the apps. The only interesting exception is Paper Phone, which let's you print an A4 paper and then fold it into a phone sized square. That piece of paper should contain all the info you're going to need on any given day (contacts, calendar events, a map, a photo—like a boarding pass). I think that's really neat and can definitely come in handy when traveling. I used to make paper phones as a child too, so it's also a bit nostalgic. It's a huge shame it doesn't work: - it doesn't download weather info, no matter which location I choose. It shows me the location in the dropdown, but when I tap it, my location only shows up as "null". - it doesn't pull my calendar events, even though I gave it calendar access (yes, I am using Google Calendar) - images don't scale to fit the paper I'd honestly love it if it just worked.
Cool initiative by Google here. Seeing more tech giants jump on the bandwagon of trying to be our saving grace when it comes to information over-load but this is actually tangible stuff
@aaronoleary we have a product scheduled to showcase here on Sunday in a similar vein. Thanks for sharing the above.
Would love to see Paper Phone (and all other experiments too) for iPhone ♥️
Not trusting Google with my wellbeing - sorry.