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Daywise helps you schedule your phone notifications into batches throughout your day. Review notifications in an inbox. You can select which apps and people can notify you right away. Explore analytics and a daily summary of your phone usage.
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This app allows you to review incoming notifications as batches at fixed times throughout your day. I found this app originally because I was looking for a way to "re-schedule" my incoming notifications on my Android device. Honestly, I felt overwhelmed with constant notifications, many of which were completely irrelevant ... many junk notifications were coming from apps I don't use or companies clearly trying to boost their engagement numbers. I wanted to be more focused throughout the day and enjoy my short life more - without interruptions! Eventually, I downloaded this app to try it. I set it up to allow direct/vip notifications from my closest friends and family, as well as notifications from trusted apps. I sent everything else to the "batch". Almost like an addict, I was uneasy letting go of my own control of notifications and was very nervous on the first day. However, immediately, I felt the results. I felt "lighter" and more at peace. I was less addicted to my phone and was having 3+ hour uninterrupted work sessions. This app has improved my mental health, enriched my life, and made me an order of magnitude more productive. I like that the app automatically batches group conversations and summarizes your daily activity and phone usage into simple analytics. I also like that it can prioritize "direct messages" sent to you from someone else over group conversations. It definitely helps segment interactions with your closest friends (immediate response) and acquantances (respond later when I have a moment). After using this app for several days now, it has helped me realize almost 90% of my incoming notifications are completely irrelevant and just interruptions taking away more of my life. Through batched notifications and delayed gratification, Daywise has greatly helped me "step out of the moment" and reduce my overall FOMO. Would highly recommend others try out this app and share in the comments how it goes for them!
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@bakztfuture Thank you for hunting Daywise and sharing your experience in such detail! It's always super fun and humbling for us to learn how Daywise fits into the lives of savvy users like yourself! We're working on some cool new improvements and features, coming soon. Till then, keep rocking :)

This app is amazing it helps you stop procrastinating by blocking notifications from apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, some contacts on Whatsapp etc. This way you don't get distracted, love it


Scheduled and batched notifications so you don't get distracted during the day


Some rare times it blocks some notifications that are important

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Thanks so much for your review Daniel! For those rare important notifications being batched, you can give personalize that by tapping on the three dots next to each notifications. And the system will learn and show you those kinds of notifications instantly the next time. Here's a quick gif of this: Hope that helps!
I love the idea of minimal, unobtrusive tech, and I definitely think this would be a good product to help with the flood of notifications we continually receive!
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@luke_norrell Thanks a lot Luke! You're absolutely right, we do get a flood of notifications. Since a few months of launch, we've saved people from millions of interruptions :)
Been trying it out for the last few months. It's great!
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@rahulg Thanks a lot for the kind words RG!
Why it is not available for Turkey?
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@inarli Hi Daywise is only available in US and a few select countries. We're a small team working hard to make this as widely available as possible. We'll be opening this up to Europe in a couple of months. Till then, we've opened up pre-registration for EU users so if you register on the playstore for Daywise, you should be able to get notified when we launch. Thanks for being so patient!