Dev Tools by FullStory

Dev tools for every user session on your website

Analyze mysterious bugs as they occur in the wild, understand what impacts loading speeds, and provide clairvoyant-level customer support to your entire user base.

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As a developer, I’m really excited about the added power Dev Tools brings to FullStory! We often tout the fact that FullStory’s session replay is the best way to find, research and understand digital customer experience issues—but many page performance bugs can only be resolved by looking under the hood. Dev Tools adds all the features I love about Chrome’s built-in developer tools to FullStory, meaning I can analyze network requests, review stack traces, and benchmark page speed milestones like First Meaningful Paint on real customer sessions in the wild. The value of FullStory Dev Tools has already been felt throughout the engineering, design, marketing, and customer support teams here at FullStory. We’re confident you’ll find many powerful ways to use Dev Tools as well!
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DevTools cement FullStory's role in creating experiences that put users in the front row. FullStory's DevTools make our favorite service even better. An impressive extension, DevTools offer visibility in to the details that your developers have always been dying to see. Intelligent aggregation tooling makes finding performance issues simple.
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We used Dev Tools to debug performance issues on FullStory's own homepage. We were able to see the issues others were having and ended up making some broad design/code changes to make the homepage not only load faster, but _feel_ faster.
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I’ve been given access to the beta of this and I was thrilled! Knowing how fast your pages load on your customers pc is immensely helpful not only for optimization and performance, but to assess a general usability of a feature. We often time guess and approximate the execution time on the client, we have tools that show average load times, show 90% percentile etc’ but sometimes we need to see how this one user was affected by speed. Network also let’s you debug Ajax calls which is also immensely helpful if you have an SPA that heavily relies on Ajax calls. You can see which calls happens when in product, you could always see JS errors, but now you can see which calls failed and returned with which status, and when you connect this to JS errors that you see in console, you get, well the full(er) story. I also love the fact that the action panel on the right now shows page load and other performance metrics like first meaningful paint right there, so everybody in your org could be exposed to these and notice any performance bottle necks as they happen.
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This looks great, excited to try it out! Especially like the "slow pages" chart to quickly identify pages when looking to improve performance. It'd be cool to hook in deploy markers and trigger notifications if pages slow down after a given release (obviously that feature was easier to type here than to actually build...just draw the owl!) Any plans to support user timings?
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@conarro We do want to be able to support user timings and other standard "events" so it's definitely something that we have on our roadmap!
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@conarro Right on! So glad to hear that "Slow Pages" looks helpful! 100% agree would love deploy markers and trigger notifications. The user timings piece is pretty interesting and not totally outside of the realm of possibility. I'll make sure to pass along this idea to the devs at FullStory!
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