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Tierney Cyren
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  • Tierney Cyren
    Tierney CyrenDeveloper Advocate @ Microsoft

    I spend lots of time on as a writer + a reader. Being able to access natively from Android is a πŸ”₯ enhancement to the platform


    It's hard to decide whether I should use the PWA version of their site or the Android version, since they're both v good. is a really fantastic platform, and I'm incredibly excited to see it becoming *even more* accessible to developers globally. Launching platform specific apps in addition to providing a PWA makes a ton of sense, given that the majority of the world uses Android as their primary mobile operating system. Here's to enabling the next billion 🍻

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  • Pros:Β 

    I like the fact that I can browse my favourite community through an application instead of the browser


    Since it's webview based, it is very cranky at times, especially the side menus.

    It's finally here!

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