Craft beer delivered to your office

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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 12, 2015
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Andreas Klinger
Andreas KlingerHiring@andreasklinger · Tech at Product Hunt 💃
How does this not yet exist in SF/NYC?
Adam Rogers
Adam RogersMaker@rodreegez · Developer, Mint Digital
Hello. I'm Adam, and I have the distinct privilege of running DeskBeers here in rainy old London town. As TheNextWeb link above reports, we've recently started shipping across the UK Mainland. Because we love ProductHunt, those of you lucky enough to be in the UK can get a discount off your first order by using the code HUNT10 during the checkout flow. Try us out, let me know what you think. What you might not know is that we're crowdfunding a seed round of funding, and that we've just hit our target! You can find out more about our pitch and our business here: 2015 has started off with a pretty big DeskBeers bang, but we're just getting started. Hit me up if you've got any questions - we've got big plans and I love nothing more than discussing them. If you've got any questions I'll be happy to try and answer them. Cheers, Ad. Xx
Frank Fumarola
Frank Fumarola@ffumarola · Product at Pinterest, Formerly Facebook
Just FYI... 15-20 states in the US do not allow shipping of alcohol, so make sure to research shipping laws as you consider shipping internationally!
Tim Doyle
Tim Doyle@timithmcdoyle · PacketZoom
@ffumarola Not to mention that it's incredibly expensive in the states that allow it (at least in CA).
Ross Simmonds
Ross Simmonds@thecoolestcool · Entrepreneur | Giving 💯
@ffumarola Same issue here in Canada.. This is a business model I've considered many times but regulations have squashed it.
@ffumarola just saw this (a little late ;)). We offer delivery in SF! Email us at if you're interested in this in the US for your office.
@jongold@jongold · AI design tools
rest of the world - you're reallllly missing out. DeskBeers rocks. 🇬🇧🍺🙏
Adam Rogers
Adam RogersMaker@rodreegez · Developer, Mint Digital
@jongold thanks man!
Ria Blagburn
Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
Currently UK only, but they've got plans to spread their international wings in the near future.