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#2 Product of the DayJuly 13, 2015
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Super proud to have been an investor in Density, and having talked them into moving to San Francisco from somewhere in upstate New York (no offense!). They have really advanced a lot in two years... killer team, killer product.
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@jason At some point, I'm going to get a tech writer to let me tell them what it's like to negotiate with you.
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@jason This is going to be in Vegas with Jason on board. Can't see a better application than Casinos and Resorts where they literally can out dollar numbers on each person that walk in. Wait for it...
@andrewfarah @jason Looks great. Can i have your email address for business development opp. We're leading retail tech firm in our area.
@ozguralaz @jason matt at density dot io
Nothing to do with the product, but mad props to the team for creating a killer landing page. I'm not usually a fan of the long scroll, but here, it works. No fluff - felt like I was being walked through a demo/pitch. Love it. :)
@andymci Initially we were concerned about the long scroll, too. @kyle_ohara and @robertgrazioli led design on this.
@andymci The result of a great team, understanding the importance of clear copy, insane amounts of iteration, and simply being fed up with product sites filled with incomprehensible marketing speak. We think there are a few things to improve on but are definitely aiming for an understanding of the product before you even touch that scroll wheel! Thanks for the feedback.
@andymci The page seems to jump up and down if you are reading below the top image. Minor but kind of weird.
This looks fantastic, congrats guys!
Congrats @andrewfarah + team. It's been a pleasure integrating this data for locations in the community. Excellent work!
@darrenbuckner Was our first partner he personally has more to do with our sensor's ability to stay online than almost anyone. #PortlandTroubleshooting. More on how we let them down here :) --
@andrewfarah that's what partners are for! My story about getting things up and running is here -- :)
Product looks awesome! I'd love to see my gym use it.
@meshlakhani We've heard the word "gyms" a lot lately. Particularly on college campuses. Any particular gym? And would you use this even if it were at a place with lots of scheduled classes?
@meshlakhani damn straight. I'd say gym is much broader and more useful than a coffee shop
@tommoor @meshlakhani However, I will personally reach out to Workshop Cafe. I think they've been brought up a number of times now.