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This is another example of a "Teleportation App" with similarities to Visor. Perfect use case: sometimes Philz is packed, without a seat mid-day. I'd like to be able to know how busy it is before traveling toward disappointment.
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@rrhoover No need to request anything from anyone with Density... no pics, no videos... An accurate count of density in real time. Hoping @andrewfarah jumps in to discuss.
@rrhoover Crowdsourcing the data was an option but it leaves out a trove of data. So we built a permanent sensor instead that gets affixed to a doorframe. It's anonymous but accurate, scooping up 10s of millions of data points every day. We analyze that and turn it into a running, real time count of places just like Philz.
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@andrewfarah yes! I gathered that from the landing page. Much better solution for the use case I described. :)
@rrhoover mind if I co-opt "travel toward disappointment?" I'll give you author's cred if we ever use it in a super bowl ad :)
@andrewfarah haha, go for it!
Product Hunt, I'm Cofounder / CEO. At first, we just wanted to know if our coffee shop was busy. Then we thought, how cool would it be to see a whole city moving from our phone? So that's what we're trying to do without scraping personally identifiable information (video surveillance, facial recog, etc). To get the data we're after you'd have to build and distribute (to tens of thousands of locations) a sensor that was real time, anonymous, accurate, and cheap. If it broke one of those four tenants, the system wouldn't work. And we'd fail to achieve our goal of giving people an API for human movement. Today, we could really use your feedback on two things: 1. Where could this be useful to you? What locations? (you can request in app) 2. What could we do better? (app, function, design, explanation, etc...) Your feedback is enormously helpful. Thank you! Density Sensor --
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@andrewfarah Cool product. I've been intrigued by this space for a while now & I've seen a lot of failed attempts. But this looks promising. Questions: Have you experienced any push back from merchants of popular venues more likely to have longer queues? I can see how this data would be valuable for venue-owners long-term, but initially are they afraid tools like Density will cause deflection at peak times? Also, would venues like this show 'high traffic' all the time? Thanks!
@andrewfarah how does the app find locations? Does it hook into an external API like GMaps for Foursquare? When I was searching for a place to request, I was looking for some suggested places close to my location. An attribution line a la old style instagram: ) would make me sure that the data is accurate.
@lindzora That's a really good question. Couple things. - Merchants have pretty crazy peaks and valleys; super busy for an hour then really quiet. They've told us they'd prefer a more even distribution throughout the day. Something we can do. - Coupa Cafe, one of our locations, actually asked for the "reverse Density" for his managers. They want notifications when Coupa is swamped so they know to put more people on the floor and address the line faster. A sort of on-demand staffing. - Loyal customers are loyal regardless. They just want to know the best time to show up. In fact, many times, they already know anecdotally. @rrhoover and Philz Golden Gate is a great example. I'm sure you probably have a place or two like that as well. - re: High Traffic, Even with the most popular places, like Blue Bottle Coffee, there is always a slow time. And certain days are dramatically different from others. Personally, I'd actually like to see this in places I hate going to as well... like the DMV.
@cbeck527 Welp... we should probably do attribution. Thanks for that! We backfill locations using Foursquare. And then when someone requests a location with that fun "slide to request" bit we store the location data ourselves and keep a running tally of how many votes for a place there have been. The cool thing is... this sort-of-straightforward / really simple feature does three things: 1. It identifies which locations we should target next. 2. Demonstrates to a merchant there's actual demand for Density. In other words, how many existing customers would be made happy by installing us. 3. When a "requested location" comes online, we notify those who asked for it. Making them smile and driving engagement.
@lindzora @rrhoover @andrewfarah Congrats, really interesting idea. I like the "reverse Density" idea in particular, I think it could play really well with ShopKeep. Have you looked in integrating with any Point of Sale?
Super excited to be an investor, and to have seen Density come so far -- literally from upstate new york! Their original LAUNCH Festival demo: https://youtu.be/yRGa9-QUDWo ... just awesome iteration by an awesome team.
@jason Literally from upstate new york :). FWIW, Density wouldn't exist without @jtriest, @jason, @brettdem, @ClarkValberg, @Billy_Draper and our 65 other amazing investors.
Startup Drugz is happy to be number 2 to you guys...as long as you buy shirts and posters for your office! In all seriousness this is a kickass product.
@maxwellfinn That's a totally fair trade. Can you make a t-shirt that just say "startup" across the front?
@maxwellfinn t-shirt "I was #2 on Product Hunt :)" @rrhoover
@andrewfarah we can definitely do that. Any color preference? We could make your team exclusive ones for Density also. "Geolocation Ninjas. Density!"
@jdcarlu haha I think it should say "#2 to Density on Product Hunt!"
@jdcarlu @maxwellfinn That would be an amazing t-shirt. #17 on Product Hunt [date]
Been using this myself for Blue Bottle Coffee for the past few weeks, as our office is in the area. It's been absolutely bulletproof in accuracy. The app is a perfect execution of a background utility. I never open the app, but the pushes tell me exactly what I need, and that's it. So fantastic. The only thing I'd wish for (and I'm sure it's coming), is day of the week (since some locations are only relevant on weekends or weekdays)
@ericjorgenson What you haven't mentioned is the integral role you continue to play by peeking out the @Zaarly windows on our behalf... https://twitter.com/andrewfarah/...