Delorean iPhone Case

Light-up Back to the Future Case (Pre-order)

I don't know if I want 1.21 jigowatts in my pants
@carlowip Could be dangerously close to your clock tower.
@mattellsworth As long as it doesn't cause my mom to have the hots for me, I guess I'm okay with it. Take all my £s!
@mattellsworth @carlo2nd Even if I got negative PH karma for this post, it would've been worth it for these innuendos. And learning how to spell jigowatts!
@mattellsworth @carlo2nd @staringispolite I wish I could double upvote every comment in this thread. Adding this feature enhancement to trello.
@mattellsworth @carlo2nd @rrhoover You could single-upvote every comment in this thread in the meantime (which I notice you've neglected to do) ;)
YOU GUISE "It comes with wheels already in hover mode, with the front tyres having flip-out options in order to access the camera and side controls. Best of all, when you receive an incoming call, the headlights and external car wires light up and blink [...] It's retailing at 5,940 yen (£32.62) and you can preorder yours now - delivery is expected in June."