Text a photo and make your unwanted items disappear!

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I'm surprised that this never got posted to Product Hunt before considering they launched back in November on VentureBeat: They have a 5* rating and over 80 reviews on Yelp:
@_jacksmith Thanks for posting us!
Love the branding. If only it worked as fast as the delete key on my laptop.
@rrhoover We're working on some teleporter technology, but can't get the form factor small enough for a mobile phone yet.
Delete's awesome. I used them when I had to get rid of some stuff after moving. Love how they donate/recycle.
Love Delete, love the team. It's time to become minimalists y'all ✨✨
This is great. Ever since I moved in about 2 months ago, I've been haunted by a note that reads "delete the last two boxes". This is stuff I need to recycle responsibly— like an older Xbox that died on me. Come to NYC next! We need you.
@bleistern We'd love some NYC action (and pizza)- we're working hard to make it a reality!
@natewarner pizza on me! I'll show you the hood! :)