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Vinish Garg
Vinish Garg@vingar · Co-founder @mystippi @ContentHug
What an interesting idea, journalists would love it. When it grows, one challenge could be content aggregation for specific categories, genre and audiences.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Similar to Beacon and although Patreon isn't focused on journalism, it's a great platform to fund ongoing content creation. I'm honestly skeptical a distributed, crowdfunding platform for journalism can become big. I'm not sure there are enough people willing to fund a story idea when so many have an expectation of consuming this content for "free".
Adam Marx
Adam Marx@adammarx13 · Freelance writer/editor and music addict
@rrhoover I can see where one might be a bit skeptical, but might this work its way into the blogosphere area of journalism? When I was doing music journalism, the notion of having a platform wherein I could attempt to "fund" some (or all) of my articles would certainly have helped turn it from a hobby into a vocation at a faster pace. I can see a lot of bloggers taking advantage of this to some extent (though the actual extent remains to be seen).
Claudio Gallo
Claudio GalloHunter@daualset · @shazam
Lovely project from Berlin: journalists propose an idea for an article, readers can help funding the piece or directly buy to read it when live.