Crowdfunding platform for independent journalism

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What an interesting idea, journalists would love it. When it grows, one challenge could be content aggregation for specific categories, genre and audiences.
Similar to Beacon and although Patreon isn't focused on journalism, it's a great platform to fund ongoing content creation. I'm honestly skeptical a distributed, crowdfunding platform for journalism can become big. I'm not sure there are enough people willing to fund a story idea when so many have an expectation of consuming this content for "free".
@rrhoover I can see where one might be a bit skeptical, but might this work its way into the blogosphere area of journalism? When I was doing music journalism, the notion of having a platform wherein I could attempt to "fund" some (or all) of my articles would certainly have helped turn it from a hobby into a vocation at a faster pace. I can see a lot of bloggers taking advantage of this to some extent (though the actual extent remains to be seen).
Lovely project from Berlin: journalists propose an idea for an article, readers can help funding the piece or directly buy to read it when live.