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Noah Shutty
@noajshu · CTO, DeepGram
Any lifeloggers up in here?
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Scott Stephenson
@stephensonsco · CEO, DeepGram
I'm the other founder of DeepGram. We'd love to hear what people think the best application is! We were particle physicists looking for Dark Matter before we started DeepGram. You can catch us totally geeking out on the technical side of doing search (what's the best way to find the signal above the noise?) and we're pretty sure that audio and video dataset… See more
Noah Shutty
@noajshu · CTO, DeepGram
Hey PH! I'm one of the founders of DeepGram. Looking forward to some great discussion! We're always really excited to talk to people that handle a lot of audio (podcasts, video platforms, people with calls — we have an easy Twilio integration btw!)
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
As more videos are created, there's a growing opportunity to indexing this content and make it searchable. @stephensonsco -- Audiosear.ch is doing some very interesting things in the podcasting space. You and @annewootton might be able to work together.
Pedro Ruíz
@piero_ruiz · iOS Developer & Indie Game Designer/Dev
Very interesting concept, what's the hardest challenge you've faced when dealing with accents? I can see an application in Education when searching online and being able to find results from KhanAcademy or TED right on my search without the need for transcription.
Kartik Parija
@kartikparija · Cofounder @AdoriLabs, Reimagining Audio
Hey this is really interesting and given that we @adorilabs work on audio experiences; can totally see phenomenal use cases around search, annotation, highlighting etc within audio. This is really close to our heart, so putting this on our watchlist of potential use/collaboration. Congrats @noajshu @stephensonsco and team.