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I'm the other founder of DeepGram. We'd love to hear what people think the best application is! We were particle physicists looking for Dark Matter before we started DeepGram. You can catch us totally geeking out on the technical side of doing search (what's the best way to find the signal above the noise?) and we're pretty sure that audio and video datasets are taking over the world.
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@stephensonsco @noahxc99 Who came up with the phrase "Sometimes I get depressed and go to airport to pick up other people's relatives"?
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@libovness @noajshu I wish that was me! For those not following, you are referring to the top video on www.mashily.com (Mashily is a demo of our tech that lets you search through Donald Trump speeches, then edit clips to make him 'say anything'). That video was put together by some majestically brilliant reddit user a couple hours after we took Mashily live. We really should chase them down to get a drink ...
@stephensonsco I have watched this video 100 times. I think it is among the weirdest phrases you could come up with in the English language, but it's made especially good by how his tone in "other people's relatives" makes the phrase sound perfectly sensible
Hey PH! I'm one of the founders of DeepGram. Looking forward to some great discussion! We're always really excited to talk to people that handle a lot of audio (podcasts, video platforms, people with calls — we have an easy Twilio integration btw!)
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@noajshu did u consider a slack or zapier integration as the twilio alternative?
@noajshu Hey Noah, there is a local company that does a similar thing however it takes a long time to process a video, so my question to you is: how long does it take to process a typical (5min or less) video with your platform
@ayirpelle great q--we ended up integrating directly with Twilio's API. It looks like Zapier only supports their SMS features (https://zapier.com/zapbook/twilio/) and I can't find the Slack integration--could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!
@orliesaurus great question--we take about 2 minutes or less for a typical video, regardless of length. We're always working on making this faster though!
@noajshu so I went on to test the claim, I just uploaded a 30seconds clip and its been 30 minutes...still indexing?
As more videos are created, there's a growing opportunity to indexing this content and make it searchable. @stephensonsco -- Audiosear.ch is doing some very interesting things in the podcasting space. You and @annewootton might be able to work together.
@rrhoover @stephensonsco @annewootton I agree. The thing that's always fascinated me about video content indexing in particular is the ability to index based on content not searchable in the video's title or tags. Being able to search based on the mood or the actual content of the video (which is inherently more subjective than anything else) is something that I think holds a lot of opportunity in the future.
@adammarx13 @rrhoover @stephensonsco @annewootton Absolutely! We need content-aware search to navigate the ever-widening torrent of online media. Podcasts are a great example where the audio contains 1000s of words but there's little metadata. We're big fans of what audiosear.ch is doing and would love to get in touch with @annewootton !
Very interesting concept, what's the hardest challenge you've faced when dealing with accents? I can see an application in Education when searching online and being able to find results from KhanAcademy or TED right on my search without the need for transcription.
@piero_ruiz Definitely agree--navigating recorded lectures is a huge pain point we want to tackle. For DeepGram to handle accents, we had to train it with a large audio corpus created by many different speakers. Sometimes it's still helpful to 'type out' how it sounds--e.g.: 'wah ter mell un' instead of 'watermelon'
@piero_ruiz TED and Khan academy are great applications! If you know some peeps working on those products, definitely send 'em our way ;). We started working on DeepGram while indexing our lives in college (@noajshu made a wearable -- lectures were a big impetus!) so we definitely see the value of being able to discover and navigate content like this.
@stephensonsco Tom from the product team at Khan Academy here. Definitely thought the same as @imranghory when I saw this - would be keen to chat about it more
@thomaspryor @stephensonsco @imranghory We'd be keen as well! I'll reach out shortly.
Hey this is really interesting and given that we @adorilabs work on audio experiences; can totally see phenomenal use cases around search, annotation, highlighting etc within audio. This is really close to our heart, so putting this on our watchlist of potential use/collaboration. Congrats @noajshu @stephensonsco and team.
@kartikparija @adorilabs @stephensonsco Thanks Kartik! Checking out Adori now.
@noajshu @stephensonsco Oh our website is *ahem* vague. Ignore it please. We are busy building product and will update it soon. But would love to connect directly and tell you more. Since my original comment, there has already been an animated discussion within our small team about how we can use Deepgram!!! 😄
@kartikparija @stephensonsco We'd love to get in touch! send us a message at deepgram.com/contact :D
@noajshu @stephensonsco Did that. Look forward to connecting directly. And I love @rrhoover suggestion that you connect with @annewootton This came up in our internal discussion about Deepgram as well. She and her team are doing some smashing work with podcast and radio transcription.
@kartikparija @adorilabs Would encourage you to also check out (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). We have a bunch of audio producers using the product already :)