DebtSettle by Juris

Make debt collectors stop harassing you.

DebtSettle will help you automatically draft and mail a tracked demand letter that will make debt collectors stop harassing you. The letter works by triggering powerful debt collection laws. This is the first step a lawyer would take to help their client. ⚖️🚀
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Hi fellow Hunters 👋 I'm Adam, co-founder of Juris. After years of lurking about here I'm pretty excited to launch something! Juris is a team of lawyers and technologists building the next evolution of dispute resolution and legal tools. We think an important part of this is building accessible and affordable self-help tools like DebtSettle to empower people to take action on their own. Debt collection harassment is a huge problem in the United States. Last year 40 million people said they were contacted about a debt they didn't owe. And 1 in 3 people have a debt "in collection," meaning someone other than the original issuer is trying to collect. In this case there are very specific laws about how those collectors are allowed to behave. Our letter triggers these laws, and our delivery tracking provides you with the evidence trail you'll need to take further action if collectors continue to break them. Check it out. We'd love any feedback, and I'm happy to answer any questions here. Adam 👍⚖️🚀
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@thekerp you can do it yourself. Go to and they're is a pre draft letter you can use. Don't let this company take advantage of you
Yep! Actually, you’re right that you can do it yourself (as you may have even learned from our site.) That’s how we know this works. But… per their reports, people still aren’t doing it. So, we’ve made it even easier with our online interview, and while we were at it we’ve took care to write a letter that leans on a few extra things from the law that their draft leaves out, making ours even stronger. The interview also lets us customize the letter more carefully to each user’s case, and empower them with information as they go. When you run the time and money math on going to the post office to mail a certified letter like everyone really should (Cost: $4-5), we think our price is more than reasonable and accessible.
With DebtSettle we're taking on debt collection disputes, but the Juris system is very flexible. What should we do next?
Landlord Security Deposit Dispute Letter
Landlord Service/Maintenance Request
Trademark/Copyright Cease and Desist
A letter to tell your congress person to act on climate change 🌎
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Also, it's worth mentioning that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has recently proposed a rule change to allow collectors contact people via text and email (they're currently limited to phone and regular mail.) If this passes (which it looks like it will) the problem is only going to get much worse.
@thekerp That sounds absolutely terrible. Thank you for helping people fight against debt collectors. They are some of the worst semi-legal predators out there.
@petergyrgy1 Thank you for the support! We built DebtSettle to try to level the playing field. "Semi-legal" is a great way to say it. It's legal to pursue collection of a debt, but the protections for debtors built into the same law all require a proactive response. We want to make sure people know they have rights, and make it easy to take action.
Are there any significant differences from state to state to bear in mind?
@imogen_happy great question! At this point the letter just cites federal law, which is very powerful, so no need to worry about which state you're in. This is the same way the sample letters from the CFPB do it. It is possible that in the future we'll make these letters even stronger by adding language that cites state laws too, based on where you are.
This is great. Debt collectors are some of the shadiest businesses out there.
@muhammadjabeer0 Opening line from this Federal Trade Commission page: "Debt collectors generate more complaints to the FTC than any other industry." They go on to explain they aren't all bad, but still. Source: