Day Night for macOS is a desktop app that shows you how much time left in percentage. You can keep track of today, month and year time in percentage. Day Night have awake mode, sleep mode and changes the theme automatically according to the real time.
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Hi, nice looking app! May i suggest that you look into persuasive-communication? Just giving the user information about their time is very unlikely to change their behaviour/habit. If you want to help people to stop procrastinating, give them ideas for alternative activities or help them, for example by taking their tasks and cutting them up in smaller steps. Right now this app comes off as a nice exercise for you in coding and visually designing an app. I would love to see you take it further and evolve this design in something that helps its users!
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@guidooo Hi Guidoo, thanks for the suggestion and compliment. In the next version, I'm planning to implement a todo list which shows the dateline in percentage. I hope it can make people kill procrastination even more.
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@guidooo @sanjevirau the percentage left to deadline
I'd love to remove the app from my dock and only keep it up top. It really wastes space on my precious dock.
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Great job!!😀 I’m very curious to why these beautiful and useful apps are not made for windows? Will you be making this for us windows guys?
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@ayush_chandra Ayush, there is a Windows version of Day Night. You can find it at, Thanks.
@ayush_chandra 100% support your cause here, surprisingly this was actually on Windows long before it came to Mac which is unusual to say the least.
I hope there will be popup notifications, such as "only 4% time left to complete your project, hurry up you lazy dog"
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Nice! I had exactly the same idea recently :)
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@nightcoder That's good to hear Yuriy. :)