Databox Goals

Set numeric goals and track your progress automatically.

I love how Databox enables a company to set and track goals across platforms. Most organizations use a lot of software and that software creates a lot of data. But, analyzing data becomes a tangled web of spreadsheets and silo'd reports. Setting goals becomes almost impossible because different people/teams track different metrics in different apps. By having one place to set goals, track progress (and adapt the goal when necessary), it's possible to keep everyone on the same page at all times. I'm a big believer in setting personal goals and business goals. Every employee should have something they're working towards that helps them achieve their goals, and helps the company hit their targets. It's important to have a process that sets goals that are fair, but challenging. Then, keep everyone honest by tracking it. Of course, nothing ever goes to plan perfectly. So, by monitoring progress, plans can be adapted, people can work a bit harder if necessary and if the goal needs to be changed, it can be changed. I can't imagine running a nimble organization without this capability.
Thank you @pc4media! We received great feedback from customers during the beta period for our new Goals functionality. They're setting their marketing, sales and financial goals all in one place and then automatically tracking progress on all their screens. Adding Goals is one thing we're doing to bring the power of business analytics to business users. Instead of hiring an army of analysts, we think companies should democratize data access, so that everyone in the organization can make more informed, data-driven decisions. We're excited to make it live for everyone now. Happy to hear what you think, hunters!
Hi Hunters, we are excited about our release. Few things you could do with goals: - Set your monthly visitors goals - Set weekly customer growth - Set monthly recurring revenue You can get started with Databox for free and up and running in just a few minutes. Once you've created an account, just connect your other software to pull in all of your data. For example, hook up your Google Analytics account to Databox and set your goal for monthly visitors or connect with Stripe to track your progress towards your revenue targets. You can view your data on your phone, a TV on your office wall, your desktop or even your Apple Watch. By putting it on every screen, checking your progress becomes pretty addictive, keeps everyone more focused on the right activities, and will encourage your team to work just a bit harder or smarter to get to the goal. To read more on how to get started: Let us know what you think!
We fell in love with Databox at our marketing agency,, a few months ago... and that was "before" they released the Goals feature. The goals is a game changer for us. The feature is easy to set up and works really well across all the metrics we track. We've been moving all of our data visualization to Databox over the past month we've received great feedback from our account strategists to our CEO and most importantly, our clients. Even our interns have no problem setting up whatever they want to, which speaks to the super-easy setup and ease of use. The UX and UI are both great. Our clients love the mobile app and we use the beautiful data walls on our TVs in the office. As a self-proclaimed data nerd, this is one of my favorite products. Cheers to the Databox team!