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With so many new data tools out there, keeping myself updated was always a challenge. When you’re on a deadline, you have to quickly know what you can / can’t do, what tools are out there, and for what. At the same time, to be competitive, you need update your skills and explore new products. So I started creating a spreadsheet where I kept track of tools I used or would have liked to learn and try out. At first, the Excel file was simply an ugly list of links. Then I added other useful information, like descriptions, images, price and source code licensing. I quickly realized a spreadsheet wasn’t enough: I needed to visualize all these tools, and quickly filter and sort the data to find the one I needed. Of all the tools I had listed, I thought was the best one to publish this information, as it did exactly what I wanted: it could organize and visualize information, to create an interactive database where I could showcase an overview of all the tools. Something that each time would allow me to find the tool I needed. And that also had pages for each product, where I could describe it better and add additional information. I'm adding 10 new tools every week, so you can follow this resource to get the latest updates.