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I've been using Dashlane for a while now, and it has become my only password management system. I was super happy (and impressed) to see them enter the payment space, really useful to have all your credit card data saved and be able to pay seamlessly from any CC on any website. I can't wait to try the new business version.
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I much prefer Dashlane to Lastpass. Mostly due to the UI/UX. Pricing seems essentially identical for teams.
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Significantly more expensive than its rivals. I've been a user for quite a long time, but had to switch to 1Password. Dashlane with sync costs $40/yr, 1Password costs $65 for a life-time license. Also, exporting items from Dashlane does not work that well.
@_kix What were the issues with exporting items that you found? I've been using LastPass for years, but their LogMeIn acquisition has made me leery of their future. I'm interested in experimenting with other options, and data portability is a high priority for me.
@jonjones, well, here's what it comes down to: https://discussions.agilebits.co... — I had to read this thread and experiment for a couple hours just to put my Dashlane data into 1Password. Basically, the CSVs exported from Dashlane are invalid and you have to edit those by hand so that 1Password can parse the export.
@_kix Thanks for the response! Wow, in reading MrC's four-point post there, that sounds like a textbook example of how *not* to export CSV. Kudos to him for figuring out it was the incorrect double-quotes that were breaking it and posting about it. I've run into precisely the same issue before, and it's fiendishly subtle and maddening. :)
Really like the direction of this, from a business prospective. Thirty percent of data breaches occur because of employee negligence. On a separate note I think their pricing is focusing on the wrong value metric -- users. It would make more sense, to me, if they didn't set a limit on how many users a business can have but how many site passwords they can manage. That way you maximize users while focusing on the real value -- number of managed sites. IMHO
I've been using Dashlane since the beta as well, and it's tremendously useful especially when I have to upgrade devices and re login to everything. The auto-password changer is pretty neat, but it doesn't always work in my experience. With that said, random 28 character passwords that I don't have to remember are a godsend. Can't wait to implement the business version as well.