Dashlane 6

Total protection for your digital life


With robust new features and capabilities, Dashlane 6 gives you a 360° view of your digital identity, provides you with the simple tools to keep it secure, and extends your reach beyond managing passwords into the world of identity protection, monitoring, and restoration.

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13 Reviews3.8/5

I've always loved Dashlane because it makes access to all of my apps and accounts much easier - I don't have to remember or type my passwords. As I began to use stronger random passwords I started to think about password and identity security. This version is a big improvement in that area and I'm loving the password health space in the app!


simple UX, complete picture of my password & ID security, breach & security alerts, automatic password changer



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What a password manager!


Secure, convenient, innovative



I used all the popular password mangers and finally settled on Dashlane. I'm glad I did. It's a great tool, great service when I need it and a great value- I signed up for the 5 year plan. It has just kept getting better. I use it to autocomplete all sorts of forms, store my cards and licenses, and keep notes safe. It's not just for passwords. It's a very robust and safe, easy solution that just works.


Easy, Safe, Secure, Good Customer Service


Sometimes I'm logged out of my browser extension, but it's a minor issue.