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#3 Product of the DayMay 20, 2014
  • Flávio Pereira
    Flávio PereiraGamer ProductHunt profile

    Good Password Manager


    A bit expensive

    I Think i will probably use dashlane if i have a way to promote it, speaking in money its a bit hard to keep using it and paying it

    Flávio Pereira has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Dashlane is awesome for interactive form management


    They could figure out a way to incorporate pictures of kittens in the workflow.

    I find that it does everything a normal password manager does and more.

    Austin David Flores has used this product for one year.
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Nikita Korotaev
Nikita Korotaev@nikitakorotaev · Incubating products @ Glocal Partners
Historically, I use Dashlane over 1password because of one feature - autologin. It is auto performing login once the page is open, doesn't require you to do an extra step which is to choose right credentials(but it does has this option for multiple logins). Not sure if 1password implemented this in the last update.
Eric Metelka
Eric Metelka@eric3000 · Product Manager, PowerReviews
I used to use Dashlane about 2 years ago, but switched over to 1Password. One reason: 1password stores passwords locally. Dashlane's are stored in the cloud. I do miss Dashlane's multiple logins and 1 click check-out. That was SUPER useful and I wish everyday that 1Password would make it easier to do both.
IGNACIO@ignaciored · I do things on Internet. Santiago, Chile
My favorite password manager
Zac Davies
Zac Davies@zacdavies · Customer Success Manager @ Mentorloop
1Password does have the ability to input passwords with a key combo, if that helps.
Mark Myers
Mark Myers@uxfunbash · Design - G2 Crowd
Hard for me to think of good reasons to leave 1password. I think they will have trouble convincing people to switch. Looks nice though. If I wasn't already in a long term relationship with 1p, I'd probably give it a bash.