Darkdocs adds a dark mode to your Google Docs writing experience.

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Nothing crazy. Just a Chrome extension that darkens up Google Docs so I can sleep after I write. It's open source too, if you wish to contribute! https://github.com/slavingia/dar...
@shl How about a firefox version?
@shl Actually, it's really easy porting chrome extension to firefox. Because firefox implementation of WebExtensions supports chrome namespace, it may be as easy as testing your chrome extension on firefox :D. Or with very minimal changes like what I did to my extension.
@shl Don't be so humble, this is rad.
@bagaskara_gt You were right. Shipped!
The idea is good but the execution needs more improvements: - The cursor should be light (than dark), I can't see my cursor - The bg should grey, not dark totally - Seem like the product hasn't completed yet, they are not matched well together. Complete your product, I will use. Thanks.
Finally, someone did it πŸ™ Can you please make Darksheets as well? P.S. Added to Dark Mode List
This is seems great Sahil...
Simple but useful. Can you work on getting this to work in Google Sheets as well? Right now only the header bar is in dark-mode.