1-click web video conferencing with apps and bots

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Thank you @hnshah for hunting us. We are excited to be launching here and hearing your feedback. We built cyclops to create super-simple video conferencing -- just one click is all you need. If you would like to test with us today, We'll be in: or You can create own vanity URL by changing the URL we generate with as many words as you want as long as its lower-case, not numbers and not special characters. Below are 2 examples. We will have more direct support for persistent vanity URLs soon. Also, video conferencing should be more than just talking. It should be about getting work done. To do that, we've created apps and bots on top of video conferencing. These include: Screenshare on steroids: don't just see other people's screens, collaborate on top of them using annotation and cursor sharing. Collaborate over real whiteboards with real markers: just point your laptop camera at the whiteboard and turn on the whiteboard enhancements. Real time audio transcription (in Beta): take meeting notes. And for all of these, you can post the results of your work to slack. In fact, if you are a slack fan, you can launch us from slack. Go to, and add us. Then just type /cyclops in slack and you'll be up and going. Let us know what you think!
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@hnshah @samson_timoner I can't seem to find the whiteboard feature. What am I missing?
Cyclops is a new product that makes video conferencing and screen-sharing dead simple. It also integrates with Slack and has some neat apps and bots. Real-time audio transcription and the functionality that enhances whiteboards are my favorites. Really really useful for remote teams. Reminds me of the days when every company with remote teams started using
@hnshah Yeah we use at the moment and have been toying with Slack too. Hangouts is so unreliable and just difficult to work with every time. This looks cool!
@hnshah Thanks for hunting us! @bentossell, love for you to try us out.
@bentossell @hnshah Definitely space to improve on offering out there now. Hangouts is almost embarrassing.
Looks so rad! Is it possible to record a conference with Cyclops?
@trevorstricker Thanks for checking us out! Recording is in our short-term roadmap. Will be out very soon!
@trevorstricker We've also done livestreams before with Cyclops using a 3rd party screen-capture software. Works great!
whoa this looks super cool... i'm working on a startup that has a completely remote workforce and this may just be what we've been looking for... what devices does it work on?
@edhsieh thanks! It works on all devices as long as you have a Chrome browser. Other browser support on the way.
@edhsieh Glad you like it! Any computer that runs Chrome web browser can run We'll hopefully support other major browsers later this year.
@waikit awesome thanks, will be checking it out...
very very very cool... I have a thought on an asynchronous feature that would make this killer. will dm you.
@tjmahony Sweet. Let me know! :) Thx!