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Justin Ziccardi — SF/NYC/DEN. Makes
Hi PH! I made this! It's in "soft launch," and didn't plan on PH just I'm very appreciate of any feedback. :)

Cycles is a visual feedback and approval tool for web development projects, like InVision for live websites. It's different than other tools (that screenshot or focus on bugs) in that it's designed primarily for client and agency interactions.

In talking to with agencies and web developers/designers, I get the sense that presenting pixel perfect mockups to clients is less and less common, most preferring to start the sites with a HTML theme or framework and go from there. Sometimes the first creative work a client sees is a live web page.

That's where Cycles comes in - installed on development sites, clients and teammates can leave feedback and make change requests right on the web page.

I've tried to keep it as simple and client-friendly as possible, avoiding friction points that might stop busy clients from leaving feedback.

How it's made: Perhaps surprisingly, Cycles came from a related Wordpress plugin I made as a side project. A few months after its release, and after talking to users and hearing their feedback/needs, I decided to create a SaaS and followed the Lean methodology.

I sketched out a simple concept, made a keynote demo, and starting calling on prospects and users of my plugin. Eventually, I had a few paid pilot customers to validate the idea, and began design and development soon after. Devs and I spent the summer modifying product features in consideration of user feedback, and we soft launched a few weeks ago.

We have a lot going on...just released a helper WordPress plugin ( and some cool features in the queue. I’d planned on getting to PH sometime in early December, but here we are! :) :) :)

Thanks for checking it out!
Stephen Voisey — Digital Consultant, Pathfinder
Good luck on PH today. This could be a useful tool. Are you planning to add any sort of API or third party integration. It would be nice to see this work with Trello for example.
Justin Ziccardi — SF/NYC/DEN. Makes
@stephenvoisey Thanks - yes. We currently have email notifications and a secondary email address at the project level, since many third party services allow you to specify project specific email addresses (trello, basecamp, slack, asana, teamwork, etc).

However, each service parses emails differently and configuration becomes a pain, so a Zapier integration seems like the next logical step.
David Feng — Co-Founder at Reamaze
@jazic @stephenvoisey +1 for Zapier. This is great for remote teams to use too!
Derrick Grigg — Founder, PageProofer
@stephenvoisey if you need a feedback tool with 3rd party integrations checkout
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