Slack Action

Send notifications into Slack, based on user activity

Howdy hunters! Pleased as punch to share our new Slack Action, which triggers messages into Slack based on what users are or aren’t doing in your app/product/service. It’s so hard to keep tabs on what folks are doing in your product. But with the Slack Action, you can create a custom notification system based on user behavior data that lets you know right when important events or states happen. For those of you unfamiliar with us, started out as a behavioral email platform and we’ve been working in the past year to open up our segmentation and logic engine to power other types of messages beyond triggered email. I find the Slack Action pretty exciting for its potential to increase transparency and collaboration, make support, success, marketing, and sales teams more efficient and proactive, and getting the information you need to react to customer needs with intelligence and agility. For example, you can trigger notifications on behavior like new signups, onboarding support, low NPS score, signs of churn, subscription plan changes, drop-offs in key activity, and whatever your creative, growth-hacking, customer-centric minds care about! We’re going to be checking in regularly to answer any questions and hear what you think!
@lethargarian This is going to be a huge time saver for marketing teams.
@borjafat Thanks! Definitely saves time on digging around for what different types of users are doing to surface customer stories and opportunities for engagement. We're even using a Slack Action to notify us when our customers enable the integration!
Interesting how slack is becoming a centralized hub. How soon till we see dashboard?
@sol_orwell Totes! Slack is super useful for centralizing info and streaming other types of activity in. What do you mean by a dashboard?
@lethargarian @sol_orwell i was thinking the same, a real-time refresh channel in slack with all the "live" data incoming from webhooks and integrations rather than a infinite scroll of messages (or a vertical stream ) the way it is today
This is a very intriguing concept. Looking forward to seeing it in action and very interested to see where it goes.
@jmcmillen89 Thanks Jacob! Hoping to feature stories about how our customers are using the Slack Action soon! (Here's a fun example of how we use it at to see when the integration is turned on -
very cool! might it be possible some day to send messages into your customer's slack rather than just your own?
@smalter Its definitely something that's possible with Slack's API. If you have a use case in mind we'd love to hear about it! We'll be watching how people implement internal notifications closely and listening to feedback to see if and how to extend the Slack Action.
I love :D it's probably the first thing I do in my (work) morning routine
@orliesaurus Aw, thanks!! :)