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Janna BastowMakerHiring@simplybastow · Co-founder, ProdPad
Hey Product Hunters 👋 Last year we launched a small project here on ProductHunt for what we saw to be an under-served market: free customer feedback tools for product teams. After talking to you guys and collecting a year's worth of feedback (yep, we're meta like that!), we had all the intel to figure out what to build next: a newer, more powerful tool designed for scaling product companies. I'm the co-founder of ProdPad, the product management tool for your roadmap, backlog and customer feedback. This feedback portal is available as a completely free (forever free!) tool, or, as of today, a more powerful and customizable version with our paid plans. If you're building a product and you want to feel closer to your users, this is going to help you immensely! Thanks for all your votes and 💙 today - every +1 helps us out! I'm here all day to answer your questions... So, AMA:
Jeremy Bauer@barnabybones · Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
@simplybastow This looks great! I'm not seeing where to sign up for the free-forever tool, though. I'm only seeing the sign up for the 7-day free ProdPad trial. Sorry if I'm missing something!
Janna BastowMakerHiring@simplybastow · Co-founder, ProdPad
@barnabybones Thanks, so glad you like it! Today's post is all about the revamped and upgraded version, but rest-assured that our forever-free version is still available. Sign up for it from here:
Jeremy Bauer@barnabybones · Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
@simplybastow Okay, great! Thank you very much! I signed up and am excited to dig in. It's saying I'm on the trial, but I assume that once the trial ends I'll still have the free tool to use. Happy revamp launch! ✨ 🚀
Janna BastowMakerHiring@simplybastow · Co-founder, ProdPad
@barnabybones Yep! The trial will give you access to the full suite of functionality. You can then pick the package that fits you best (from the Customer Feedback Portal only option which is free, up to our Unlimited all-you-can-eat package which is not 😉)
Jeremy Bauer@barnabybones · Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
@simplybastow Thank you again! I really appreciate all your help.
andrea saezMaker@dreasaez · Head of Customer Success @ ProdPad
Hey Product Hunters! 👋🏻 Adding to the super powers the portal already has, you also have access to our Slack integration, which publishes all feedback to a specific Slack channel so that you can review and discuss with your team. How awesome is that!?
Tristan HarwardHiring@trisweb · Head of Product Design @ Appcues
Congrats ProdPad team, looks like a great end-to-end solution to a nearly universal problem. I especially love the customization and the level of care you put into the available options and design details there. Very nicely done! 👏
andrea saezMaker@dreasaez · Head of Customer Success @ ProdPad
@trisweb Thank you, Tristan!
Janna BastowMakerHiring@simplybastow · Co-founder, ProdPad
@trisweb Thanks so much! Yeah, the team put so much effort into making this something that would be loveable by all users, whether the end users who are suggesting ideas, or the product manager who's got to deal with all of the feedback (you should see some of the changes we've made in the management side of the app - super powerful stuff). Thanks again!
James Walsh@mr_j_walsh · Get press coverage -
Great product, can't wait to use this. Congrats to the team!
Greg RogPro@learnuxio · **Idea Architect** @
Looks really good! Before your update I haven't heard of that tool, but now I'll definetely look into it. Seems like a really simple answer for research issues.